Celie and nettie relationship tips

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celie and nettie relationship tips

In the exposition, Celie and Nettie share a sisterly love with each other. In the climax, there is a twist in the relationship between these two. The Relationship Between Celie And Shug English Literature Essay When Sofia and Celie argue about the advice which Celie had given to Harpo, Sofia. Celie, being a strict believer in God, is obviously moved in new and different ways by the presence of Shug. Celie uses prayer to escape from her life and talk .

On the other hand, her sister Nettie has definitive ideas and feelings about her experiences in Africa. She accurately conveys the plight of the Olinka tribe, in situations such as this: These quotes show thoughts that are complete and decisive; Nettie is clearly taking a position on the plight of the African tribe she has been staying with.

As far as mental capacity goes, although Nettie displays a clear advantage over her sister through the majority of the book, Celie develops markedly through the course of the novel.

celie and nettie relationship tips

Michael Tarpey Block 4A In a more emotional respect, the two sisters show some similarities. Both sisters, for example, share the gift of compassion for others: Celie for Shug Avery and Nettie for the Olinka. When writing letters, they both seek to express the trials of their daily lives to God or each other. She has many unorthodox views about life, relationships and religion and takes her bisexuality for granted, enjoying sleeping with both men and women.

The Color Purple: A Comparison Between Celie and Nettie

Instead of fearing his image as a white patriarchal male, she admires him as a spirit that inhabits every aspect of earthly life. She has little time for any religious teaching that she considers to have been inspired by men, especially white men. Shug confesses that she loves men with passion but never intends to be subordinate to any of them.

celie and nettie relationship tips

To Celie, Shug is a great source of strength. Although her morality is unconventional she can at times make a strong moral stand, for example when she succeeds in persuading Albert to stop beating Celie and to attempt to be tender with her instead of just using her as a sex object.

It is Shug also who gives Celie an escape route, taking her to Memphis and supporting her financially and emotionally until Celie is able to support herself. In this sense Shug is a symbol of freedom and fulfilment, showing a generosity of spirit that is lacking in many of the men who feature in the narrative.

The Color Purple: A Comparison Between Celie and Nettie

As is evident, Celie and Nettie share an unbreakable love for eachother. At this point in the book, Nettie has been kicked out of Mr.

  • Shug Avery

Because of this incident, Mr. The story goes on and as Nettie promised, she writes to Celie frequently. The problem is, Celie is not receiving any of these letters. Later on in the book, Celie discovers a hidden pile of letters from Nettie.

Celie and Nettie connect through these letters.

Walker's presentation of Celie and Shug's growing relationship.

These hidden letters serve as a bridge to their love for one another. Even though they are not physically together, they are emotionally and spiritually together. This is the extent of their relationship during the climax.

The Color Purple: celie in shug's dressing room

At first Celie learns of the sinking of the boat Nettie was on.