Cd4 and viral load relationship quiz

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cd4 and viral load relationship quiz

AIDS Quizzes & Trivia (C) The viral load was approximately the same for both vaccine and placebo groups. D. (C) CD4 cells will increase in number .. reveal the true nature of the relationship between alcohol and HIV?. The CD4 count is one measure of HIV progression; the other is viral load. HIV targets and infiltrates the CD4 cells in the human body, tricking the cells into making more copies of HIV. CD4 cell counts are the best predictors of the risk of opportunistic diseases in people with HIV. Although HIV antibody testing is widely used to detect HIV, viral load testing can You may also have a CD4 test, which measures the strength of your immune.

Low counts mean the virus is not highly active and your treatment is working. The higher the number, the more likely you are to become ill or show signs of immunity problems linked to AIDS.

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How is this test done? The test is done with a blood sample. A needle is used to draw blood from a vein in your arm or hand. Does this test pose any risks? Taking a blood sample with a needle carries risks that include bleeding, infection, bruising, or feeling dizzy. When the needle pricks your arm, you may feel a slight stinging sensation or pain. Afterward, the site may be slightly sore. What might affect my test results? The results can be skewed if you've recently had a vaccine, such as a flu shot, or if you have an active infection.

Experts recommend that you not have this test within 4 weeks of an infection or vaccine.

2.14 How CD4 and viral load are related

How do I get ready for this test? You don't need to prepare for this test. If you're having this test to find out your HIV status, make sure you get counseling before or after the test. I would strongly recommend moderation rather than binging on anything. You may just find that it's not only healthier, but that it actually can be more fun. As for Vegas, it's just a quick trip. You'll probably not even know I've gone. I work mostly from my laptop, which travels with me far and wide.

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cd4 and viral load relationship quiz

How long will it be before i should consider meds? I live a fairly active lifestyle including regular workouts and i have recently given up alcohol and smoking.

Frascino This topic comes up very frequently.

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May 22, I'm just furious about those morons who are proven HIV negative with a proper test and are still worried and sending questions to take up more of your time!!

BobZ, I'm not here just to scream, I have a question actually. Do you think it is time? Is it better to start now with all these data suggesting early treatment pays off later? Do you think the 11th test is warranted? I just did Cunnilingus on George Bush!

cd4 and viral load relationship quiz

Certainly these would include CD4 counts and plasma viral loads, but also other factors need to be put into the equation. For instance, are you ready to start and be committed to adhering to your meds? Do you understand the options, risks, potential side effects, dosages of the various regimens, etc.?

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Are there other conditions that need to be treated first, such as active TB or certain psychiatric conditions? As for your current lab tests, assuming your tests were taken several months apart, it appears your CD4 count is now in the range and your plasma viral load is rising.

Assuming there are no concurrent conditions, such as another type of infection, that is driving your CD4 count down and HIV viral load up and that you are psychologically ready and committed to beginning HAART, most guidelines would suggest this is the time you should strongly consider beginning treatment.

cd4 and viral load relationship quiz

I would recommend you get a resistance test genotype and discuss treatment options with your HIV specialist. You may well be a candidate for a simple one-pill, once-per-day regimen Atripla.

Should you decide to wait, I would strongly encourage you not to let your CD4 count fall into the range, as this would place you at significant increased risk for opportunistic infections. As for oral sex with George Bush, I'd strongly recommend against it. Aside from the "ick" factor, it's common knowledge now that Dubya does not know when to pull out! I'll reprint some information about starting meds below. Bob Preparing to Start Treatment Once your doctor recommends that you begin treatment, it's important to consider how treatment will change your life.

Are you ready in every way -- mentally as well as physically? Most doctors say that you have to take your medications at least 95 percent of the time to keep HIV under control. This means you have to be certain that taking your medications will become a central part of your daily life.

No doubt this commitment will be challenging. However, you have a good chance of keeping HIV under control with the first combination of medications that works for you. If this combination successfully suppresses the virus, and if you take each and every pill prescribed, you may not have to change medications for a long time. What if you aren't always able to take all your medications on time?

This may cause your first combination of medications to fail. If this happens, it can get harder and harder to keep HIV under control with each successive drug combination. So it's crucial to identify a combination you can stick to, before you start treatment. Here are some things to consider: Your medication schedule shouldn't be too complex. One thing is certain: Taking medications daily will change your life.

Suddenly, you'll have new responsibilities. If you have had an undetectable viral load for some time and are doing well on treatment, your doctor may offer you the option to have your viral load measured every six months or every year. Undetectable viral load All viral load tests have a cut-off point below which they cannot reliably detect HIV. This is called the limit of detection. If your viral load is below 50, it is usually said to be undetectable.

please explain viral load and cd4 counts..

It might still be present in the blood, but in amounts too low to be measured. Viral load tests only measure levels of HIV in the blood, which may be different to the viral load in other parts of your body, for example in your genital fluids, gut or lymph nodes. Why it is good to have an undetectable viral load Having an undetectable viral load is important for a number of reasons. First of all, because your immune system is able to recover and become stronger, it means that you have a very low risk of becoming ill because of HIV.

It also reduces your risk of developing some other serious illnesses as well. There is some evidence that the presence of HIV especially a higher viral load can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease illnesses such as heart disease and stroke.

Secondly, having an undetectable viral load means that the risk of HIV becoming resistant to the anti-HIV drugs you are taking is very small. Finally, having an undetectable viral load massively reduces the risk of passing on HIV to someone else. This is because not taking treatment regularly, or interactions with other drugs, can cause the levels of anti-HIV drugs in your body to be too low to work.

You may have a blood test to look at the level of anti-HIV drugs in your blood and to see if your HIV has developed resistance to any drugs.

Then they will discuss the options with you. This may involve changing your anti-HIV drugs to find a combination that works for you. If you are taking HIV treatment and have had an undetectable viral load, and then you have a test that shows a detectable viral load, you will need to have another test to confirm the result. If later tests still show your viral load has become detectable again, you will probably need to change your HIV treatment. Your doctor will discuss your options with you.

Their viral load increases from undetectable to a low but detectable level before becoming undetectable again on the next test. Viral load blips do not necessarily show that your HIV treatment is no longer working.

There are a number of theories about the reasons for blips.