Cancer and libra love match relationship

Cancer ♋ And Libra ♎ Compatibility, Love And Friendship

cancer and libra love match relationship

GaneshaSpeaks reveal Libra and Cancer compatibility in love match, sex, marriage life and meter to see how both signs compatible with other personality traits. Cancer and Libra both tend to become dependent in love, but their togetherness has a spiky edge. Cancer and Libra can enjoy their connection of Venus with the Moon only if they both have Cancer Compatibility With Libra in Love, Life, Sex, Communication, .

Libra and Cancer Compatibility: The Idealist and the Homemaker

These signs like being in a relationship — some say they crave it — so there is time and effort put in to make sure things are ticking along nicely. Friends think they look like a couple who have got it made — different but complimentary — affectionate and attentive — gracious hosts who are not against singing a cheesy karaoke song to each other at parties.

Where they may encounter turbulence… Cancer has difficulties accepting that Libra would flirt with a cactus and allows jealousy to rear its ugly head.

cancer and libra love match relationship

Libra usually reacts with reassurance but constant suspicion and 3rd degree interrogations can result in seeking solace elsewhere. When Cancer and Libra fall in love… They drop off the radar — a common Libra behavior when falling in love — they revel in the thrill of new love and need to focus just on that person rather than share themselves with the universe.

For Libra — love is really the drug of choice. Cancer and Libra sexual compatibility… Libra is usually more experienced and a bit of a chameleon — in that they can be anything you want in the bedroom. Naturally Cancer injects sensory enhancement into the bedroom — candles, scents and music — and both signs are very tactile and kissable.

cancer and libra love match relationship

This charismatic lady gets turned off by aggressive suitors and prefers to be given ample time to decide. She is constantly battling with indecisiveness when it comes to selecting her partner.

  • Cancer And Libra Compatibility, Love And Friendship
  • Libra and Cancer Compatibility

This lady matches well with a good conversationalist, someone who is as sociable as she is and one who would treat her with respect. She is not the type to fall for a man at first sight and her trust must be earned before deciding to take the relationship to the next level. A man who would open doors for her, surprise her with tokens of affection, take her for a moonlit walk, drive her around town just to listen to her stories would certainly make her swoon all over him.


When in love, Ms. Crab gives her all to make the relationship work and expects the same from her partner. Unrequited attention and affection will cause this lady to walk away.

cancer and libra love match relationship

Libra man is a natural romantic who wants to be involved with someone who is beautiful, affectionate independent and faithful. Libra's charm and sense of balance is what attracts the shy and emotionally wobbly Cancer, whereas the kind disposition and caring nature of Cancer is not lost on the former.


There are certain differences in their personalities that may threaten the longevity of their relationship. However, if these disparities are handled with care, they can grow as individuals through their compatibility with each other and build a formidable bond together.

cancer and libra love match relationship

Pros and Cons of Libra and Cancer Compatibility: Pros of the Libra Cancer Relationship: Cancer likes to build a home, while Libra likes to deck it with beautiful material possessions. This makes them work together in sync and complement each other in the most natural way. Both the signs take pleasure in engaging their partners and thus, will go above and beyond to keep each other happy and satisfied.

Cancer and Libra Love Compatibility -

Cancer and Libra will work well socially and form a couple that is respected and revered in the society. They are both people pleasers and will thus understand and support each other's tendencies of putting on a mask publicly.

cancer and libra love match relationship

They will both give their time and effort into making their relationship function with dynamism and ease.