Caius and yeul relationship trust

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caius and yeul relationship trust

Basically Caius is forced to watch the person he was tasked to defend constantly die for Eternity It is like you are immortal and you are forced to. Basically, Noel, Caius, and Yeul live in a dying world called Pulse. .. I trust you. I believe in you. . Raven felt even more nostalgic when she eyed the spider ring she'd given Alexander at the beginning of their relationship. Caius stood halfway between her and the pillar she had landed against previously. .. armored bodysuit, kneeling before a woman resembling Yeul herself. Lightning made the connection abnormally fast, possibly helped along And herself, letting her walls down, learning to lead, rely on, trust others.

After foreseeing her own death during the Cie'th outbreak in Academia, Yeul ventures there. Noel holds Yeul in his arms as she explains her survival would have caused a contradiction to the timeline, and says Caius isn't in the city.

She tells Noel she is not the Yeul he knows, but thanks him and dies, leaving an artefact for him and Serah to open a new Time Gate. Her death is negated in the alternate timeline set by the defeat of the Proto fal'Cie Adam. You don't have to cry. We will meet again. Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragments After reveals that her father died before she was born, and her mother was in confinement during childbirth. Noel's grandmother explains to him Yeul lives away from people so they would not be tempted to use her power of foresight for evil, and shows how Noel had been protective of Yeul since he was three years old, and that he initially hated Caius when he arrived in his village.

Noel would become an apprentice Guardian training under Caius and they protected Yeul together, but Noel was unaware she would die soon.

caius and yeul relationship trust

Noel wants to take Yeul on a journey to find other people in the world, but Caius reprimands Noel for considering such folly. Caius claims the only way to save Yeul is to kill Etro, the goddess of death, and let the chaos of Valhalla consume the mortal realm and transform it into a timeless world without a future or past, similar to Valhalla itself.

The day after Caius leaves to carry out the deed, the first time he abandons Yeul as her Guardian, Yeul reveals to Noel she had a vision of him arguing with Caius and the goddess's gate. She tells him that every time a seeress sees the future her lifespan shortens until it kills her. Noel vows to value the time he has left with Yeul, and she dies in Noel's arms telling him they would meet again.

Yeul's lifeless body is brought to Valhalla and Caius places it into the waves of chaos where it dissolves before turning his attention to Etro's Temple. Ending up in a facsimile of his time, having lost his motivation at the time by reliving her death, Noel learns from an Oracle Drive Yeul had seen the events of his adventure with Serah through time and regains his will to continue after seeing Yeul's vision of them reuniting.

As you change the timeline, you come closer to death. She traveled with Caius searching for the Time Gates she saw Serah appear by. She tells them she traces the timeline and leads people along the right path and points at Serah, cryptically revealing her to possess the Eyes of Etro like herself.

In the years and AF in the Yaschas Massif, it is revealed the actions of a past incarnation of Yeul inadvertently created a paradox when she sealed an Ugallu in the void. The paradox erases people and in their place leaves "Rubies of Grief"—remnants of their memories. In the year AF Serah and Noel encounter a Ruby of Grief that contains the living conscience of the ancient Yeul who implores the two to destroy Ugallu.

By doing so, Yeul's memory finds peace and vanishes, ending the paradox. Caius asks if she will allow this, and she says, "It is not for me to decide", and they leave the area. When Serah is separated from Noel in the Historia Crux and arrives in a shadow of Valhalla in the Void Beyond, several Yeuls from different time periods give her cryptic advice: The fourth and last Yeul is the one who "lives and dies in all the ages".

She tells Serah of how the Void Beyond can take the form of a person's innermost desires and asks why Serah seeks to change time and oppose Caius. She reveals the death that awaits her if she changes the timeline any further. This Yeul transforms into Caius who attacks Serah. When Serah and Noel navigate the floating blocks in Academia AF, Yeul's voice tells them not to kill Etro and that only a doomed future awaits if they face Caius, hinting at Caius's scheme to have Noel kill him to ensure Etro's death.

After her first vision, she saw Noel with someone but knew he would soon be alone, and wished for everyone to die so nobody would be left alone.

This Yeul differs from the others in how she felt abandoned and unwanted by her mother, and how she was distrustful of others, including Caius. She wished for Noel to be happy, and so requested for Caius to let her final incarnation live a normal life.

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In the paradox ending, "Beneath a Timeless Sky", Yeul is trapped at the end of the world in New Bodhum with Serah, Noel, and Mog and no longer can have visions of the future due to time having ended when Serah defeated Caius in the Void Beyond. A meteorite lands in the distance and they rush off to investigate. In the secret ending, "The Goddess is Dead", Caius's plan to kill the goddess has succeeded as he announces to Yeul they are free from their curses, and can start over in a new world without Etro.

While generally every Yeul supports Serah and Noel's quest, there is a Yeul in Chapter 5 in the Void Beyond who is hostile towards Serah for trying to change the timeline. This is supported in the novel by comparing the gentle nature of the Yeuls encountered by Serah and Noel to the bitterness the "Chaos Yeul" displays toward her fate.

During Lightning's monologue at the end of Chapter 5, a misty Yeul is seen sitting on a bench in Orphan's Cradle. Lastly, the Yeul covered in black mist can be found in some Live Trigger events after beating the game; for example, in the Bresha Ruins 5 AF, in the area where a Ghast was fought, the player is asked to listen to the voice and the Shadow Yeul talks about Atlas.

If the player beats Atlas without the Paradox Scope on, Yeul asks Serah and Noel to free her from the shackles of the goddess, saying her only wish is to be with "him". Who the person might be is not specified. The Yeul covered in black mist appears only in the Void Beyond, Coliseum and Valhalla, as well as briefly in Orphan's Cradle during Lightning's monologue scene; all of these locations are outside of the mortal realm. Thus it is possible she cannot manifest in this realm, and that is why Noel and Serah only hear her voice in Academia AF.

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In the DLC episode, "Perpetual Battlefield", after Noel and Serah defeat Valfodr in the Coliseum and Snow says he is unable to leave, Noel believes Snow might have gotten on someone's bad side, and Serah catches a glimpse of an illusion of Yeul surrounded by chaos.

As revealed in Lightning Returns: These Yeuls possess an affinity to Chaos, including the ability to conjure the future incarnation of Caius who became an embodiment of Chaos itself.

As shown in the DLC episode, "Requiem of the Goddess", Lightning encounters the Black Mist Yeuls within the remains of Etro's Temple as they surround the deceased Serah's soul while telling Lightning her sister will join them in fading into the chaos at the end of time.

One of the Yeuls conjures Caius to fight Lightning, and later claims it was Lightning herself who caused Serah's death. Hard to imagine what it's like. For millennia, Yeuls were born into the world over and over. It's not as though they shared the same soul. They weren't the same person in every incarnation. Each Yeul was different, but each of her souls was born with the very same heavy burden.

And as each soul returned to the Chaos, it was drawn to the others. Now, they've become one. A cancerous mass of sorrow, and pain, and longing. That's what lives here in this temple.

GenesisArclite "I must complete my Focus. Meanwhile, Serah and Noel struggle through the strange future left in her wake and find an entirely new timeline awaiting them The breakers rolled harder and dashed themselves faster on the beach this evening, as if even the lifeless land understood the depth of what was occurring this moment.

Beneath a clouded sky tinged pink with alien light, the broken crystals littering the beach twinkled faintly, wetly, in the shadow as it passed fast over the sand with graceful sweeping motions, almost quicker than the eye could catch.

The waters glowed a faint, ethereal blue, thick with the bioluminescence of long-vanished alien life. In the center of the pink-hued skyscrapers amongst the only bright color amid the ruined landscape, the clock read half-past. And once more, the sweep of brilliant green encircling the spire shattered into thousands of tiny shards. The rose-haired woman clung to the spine of the winged beast carrying her through the air in her chase, trying to see past the glare of the realm's alien sun glowing behind the ever-present clouds.

A shadow broke the glare — there he was, flying with enviable grace and poise over the landscape, leading her on as he had done all evening. In the singularity she had found herself trapped in, there was no past, no present, no future, all things compressed to a single point of existence. She urged her mount onward, and the beast's wings beat more furiously as he struggled to keep up with the leader.

It was a near-hopeless endeavor — her antagonist had been here longer and could see further than she, knew every inch of the land better than she could hope to in a hundred years. The only thing that cooled her blood was the brush of the breeze across her skin and the weight of hope she still carried within her.

Somewhere on the crooked timeline of Valhalla, her sister and her companion were fighting the final battle, while she was here, in the same place at a different time, chasing the man she had pursued for centuries.

In her heart, she bore hope, and also despair. She would not give in to it, of course, for she was the champion of this realm, one of the last hopes for the corrupted world she had come from, but in her heart, she knew the truth, and she knew how this would end.

Her mount blasted her charge with a flare of energy; he gave an animalistic screech of pain before plummeting out of the sky. Springing from her perch, Lightning followed, headfirst, watching the ground come up fast. The dark-winged creature of chaos burst into shadows, then from the darkness came Caius, human again, and he hit the ground first, leaping aside as she landed seconds behind him.

The impact rattled her from head to toe: Calling her sword to her hand, she brought it up just in time before he pounced on her, knocking her back with a single blow from his enormous broadsword.

She came up on her feet to be met by him again. Where he had begun many of their fights, and interrupted some of their clashes, with taunting words, this time he came at her in silence, and it was more frightening that anything he could have said. Somewhere, her sister and her companion fought the final battle. She, too, fought, for everything she had ever known. As her body fell into the familiar rhythm of battle, she pulled her mind away to see her surroundings. They had landed in an unfamiliar plaza surrounded by ornate, carved columns five times her height.

Beneath her feet, the stones were inlaid with gems and colorful tiles, though both were well-weathered by now. To her right, the plaza halted at a balcony, beyond which the sea burst at the foot of the cliff. To her left, the temple, highest point in the land, towered into the sky. When she refocused on what she was doing, she realized with a start that his expression was not one of sadistic glee or harsh determination or any other expression she could remember.

Instead, it seemed almost neutral, except for the faintest trace of a smirk on his lips.

caius and yeul relationship trust

The longer she stared at it, the more concerned she became, and finally caught his blade on hers, stopping him in his tracks. They slid a moment on the broken stone underfoot, kicking up puffs of dust in the still air — which should, by all means, be moving, what with the cold breeze still fluttering her hair across her eyes.

Blinking through her bangs at him, she panted under the strain. He was strong — stronger in this moment than he had ever been, in any of their previous battles. She had always known he had been holding back, but to be faced with the reality made her feel very cold. She felt her arms trembling, struggling under his raw power.

He pressed down a little harder, and her arms began to visibly shake. A second later, he reversed his tactic, too fast for her to see, and brought both of their swords up, forcing hers aside. Landing a vicious kick to her midsection, he sent her flying back into a pillar. So many times he had tossed her in their previous battles. He had thrown her across the city, dumped her onto the beach, tried to drown her in the sea, but each time her armor had cushioned her fall.

This time, though, was different than all those other times. This time, when he threw her, she went faster, and her armor, while taking the brunt of the impact, couldn't handle it all. The pillar cracked; she slumped to the ground with a groan.

caius and yeul relationship trust

He approached with slow, careful footsteps. Dragging her arms beneath her, she pushed herself up, swaying on her feet.

Her hand found the grip of her sword once more, which she brought up, angled in front of her, to face him. Assuming a battle stance, she braced herself in expectance of his attack. Her body ached, head spinning; she felt her heart pounding her chest.

Still the cold breeze blew over her, and still the dust hung, suspended and immovable, in midair. He halted his approach. Swallowing her doubt, she tasted fear like bile on her tongue. Something was horribly wrong.

If Serah and Noel had succeeded in their fight, why was she still here? Something was dreadfully wrong. He was behind her, blasting her off her feet, sending her facedown into the plaza, where she skidded to a halt, face raw, before she could register the horror.

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The stone wrecked her elbow; her knees became sore. Caius stood halfway between her and the pillar she had landed against previously. It seemed inhumanly impossible for him to have moved that fast, close the gap as quickly as he had. A second later, he lifted her clean off the pavement with one hand, suspending her in midair at his eye level for a few seconds, putting a great deal of strain on her neck as she hung helpless. Your sister has perished.

She recoiled in pain, clawing at the ground, trying to stand up. Fear and anguish filled her; she swung her legs beneath her and hoisted herself to her feet.

She and Noel fixed the timeline. Terror shot through her heart. It cannot be broken.

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Time is already in ruin. The instant of surprise was all she needed: Using leftover momentum from the initial swing, she kicked him away from her, where he landed on his shoulder. Really want to win? Instead of pain or fear or doubt, she felt only hatred.

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The final titanic clash of time and space began, and Lightning realized she was no longer fighting to slow him down so her sister could fix the timeline — she was fighting for her own life now, for the memories of the dead, in the hope that her actions could somehow prevent the apocalypse.

Her hatred made her powerful, blinding her with mad fury, pushing him back until they found themselves tumbling over the edge of the plaza. He transformed into the winged beast of nightmares halfway down; she landed on his back and drove her sword in. Flying high and fast, he carried her into the temple, dumping them both on the stone from midair. Before he had a chance to recover, she punched the blade clean through his chest, below the Heart of Chaos, instead piercing his true heart, pinning him to the stone.

It was only when she saw the look of intense pain in his eyes and felt him tense against her that she realized what she had done. He slumped back, lifeless, and she stared at him in shock. The wind blew cold against the back of her neck while the pinkish light faded behind her. Dead ahead, the crystal throne sparkled in silence. To either side, sheets billowed in the wind; dust moved like it was supposed to. Shadows of climbing vines danced on the curtains. Slowly, hesitantly, she withdrew her blade, staring at the smear of red on it in dull shock.

No more blood came from the wound she had just made: She carefully wiped the blood off, then settled back on her heels, staring down at him. The pulse normally visible along his neck was still, chest no longer moving, eyes slightly open but glossed over and cold. Lightning had seen plenty of dead folks in her life, but somehow, this was unnerving.

She didn't need to see his face to know that his expression was that of a man lost in thought, and she didn't need to have the goddess' gift to know that, either.

She only needed to know him and she did. Making a noise as he was pulled from his thoughts, Noel's posture changed, shoulders moving back as he straightened from his slump, his head coming up and turning towards Yeul to offer her a smile and a tone at odds with his previous disposition. I'm going to make sure you have the best feast possible for your party. The sky above Noel's head was a sickly, diseased yellow, the sight of it causing his eyes to narrow in frustration as he breathed out, "It's Caius.

He's still insisting I have to kill him in order to be your True Guardian. I keep you safe.