Cade skywalker and darth talon relationship help

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cade skywalker and darth talon relationship help

There is another Cade Skywalker Respect Thread, but this one is my take on it. huge connection to the force, and the Spirits of both Luke and Kol Skywalker shared Shatters Glass and hurls it at Darth Nihl, Talon, and Krayt where they are .. Advertise · Partnerships · API · Terms of Use · Privacy Policy · Ad Choice · Help. Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Cade Skywalker and Zayne Carrick However, just after Cade's birth, his mother left as she didn't want a familial relationship to get in . Darth Talon however, easily deflected their blasts and disarmed them with a Draco eventually stood down and let Cade help Marasiah. Story so far: Cade Skywalker has escaped Coruscant and the Sith with the help of his friends for now. But the Sith have a back-up plan.

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Darth Talon faced her pupil. The Dark Side is beckoning. It calls to you from the edges of the Force.

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His mind whirled quickly. This was a test — a test to see if he would truly give into the Dark Side and abandon the Jedi ways. Not that he had ever been one anyway, despite his legendary heritage.

cade skywalker and darth talon relationship help

And Cade knew just what he had to do to pass the test his Master posed to him. Bending forward, he brushed a hand along Talon's red-skinned face. She hadn't expected the size of his fully erect manhood. But then again, what had she anticipated?

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Talon proceeded to wrap her hand around his manhood, somehow making even more erect. She then moved her gloved hand up and down, drawing a moan from her new apprentice. He said to her with a moan and a smile, "You like what you feel? Drake couldn't think of anything apart from Talon. Deciding that he needed to give as well as receive, he leaned up and thrust he hips forward and his manhood further into her mouth, drawing a moan of pleasure from her.

He also cupped her luscious breasts, giving sensation to both and enhancing the pleasure.

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He looked at her, confused even more and asked "What did I do wrong? But I can't have you finished… not yet. She climbed up and lowered her womanhood onto his manhood, drawing a moan from both of them.

She started to bounce on top of him, faster and faster.

cade skywalker and darth talon relationship help

She could also feel him thrusting into her. She could feel her Force power and her training flow into him, as this wasn't just a Test of Endurance, a Test of Obedience and a Test of Pleasure, she was speeding up his training.

Even with the pleasure he was receiving, he moved his hands to feel her firm ass cheeks and he thrust as hard and as fast as he could to pleasure his Master.

He awoke three days later floating over Ossus, where he was picked up by Rav and his crew. Something in him is just… broken.

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Krayt vowed to find this Jedi and lure him completely to the dark side, calling him a "dark light in the Force". It was his future crewman Jariah Syn who convinced Rav to rescue Cade.

cade skywalker and darth talon relationship help

Soon after, he apprenticed himself to Rav and joined his crew. Cade had become captain of a light freighter called Mynock whose crew included Deliah Bluethe ship's mechanic, and co-pilot Jariah Syn. He hid both his last name and his Jedi ability from everyone who knew him, especially his crew mates. Cade is visited by the Force ghost of his ancestor, Luke Skywalker. After locating him, the group also came across a Jedi healer named Hosk Trey'lis. Cade prevented Syn from killing the Jedi, his reasoning that Jedi were worth more alive than dead.

cade skywalker and darth talon relationship help

The group left Lok with both Screeger and Trey'lis in tow. After turning in their bounties on SocorroRav paid them in death stickswhich, though pleasing Cade, enraged the rest of the crew. However, Cade was growing increasingly agitated with these visitations, using death sticks to block them out, and even going so far as threatening to end his own life.

cade skywalker and darth talon relationship help

The Princess was demanding passage to Vendaxaand the two were being pursued by the Sith Darth Talon. She tried using a mind trick on him but Cade, being a Jedi, was resistant to it until he saw the Sith.

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He initiated emergency take-off procedures, and headed toward Vendaxa, intent on delivering the Princess to her father, so that he could get paid, and then sell the both of them to the Empire, earning enough credits to be out of Rav's debt.

With the immediate danger over, Princess Marasiah set about arranging safe passage with the two Jedi, revealing that she knew of Mynock crew's intention to turn her in for the bounty on her head. However, Jariah called him on his wanting to cut his losses, using his name as he did so which attracted the attention of the two Jedi.

Turning to face the Jedi, Cade calmly stared down his former Master and admitted his name was Cade.