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Blitzen Trapper is a Portland, Oregon-based experimental country/folk/rock band associated . four acoustic tracks; this was the start of a long relationship between the band and the studio. .. "Thirsty Man" was also released as a single on iTunes, with additional non-album tracks "The Prophet" and "Plenty of Thrills.". Now veterans releasing their seventh album, Portland's Blitzen Trapper lose their way "absolute_url": "", most decrepit similes there are (“your love's like rain in the desert to a thirsty man” ). the crux of its narrative focused on the relationship between Tish and Fonny . First single mountain premiered on Triple J Home & Hosed. • mountain . the recent relationship with earmUSIC. • There are very CD: Vr • Americana stalwarts blITZEN TRAppER announce their seventh studio Tracklisting. 1) Feel The Chill 2) Shine On 3) Ever loved Once 4) Thirsty man 5) Valley.

And you know, I did it as a choice. I just want to focus on making music…or something. I had a couch in there I would sleep on when it got cold, and I had a little single-plate burner that I would cook rice on every day. I had a bike, and I kind of just stayed out there, hiked around. The river in Portland, it runs all the way from north to south, and as you head south along the river, it all turns to forest.

And there are a lot of people that live there still, a lot of people camp out there and stuff. There were some characters that lived down there!

Because if you carry knives around and you get stopped by the cops late at night, they take it away. So I kinda had these habitual things I was doing to protect myself at night.

Even then, I had these run-ins with people that were freaky to me.

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The place where I was staying, the whole building was by the bridge, and it was all homeless and illegal aliens and drug dealers hanging around there. I always tried not to get too involved with a lot of these people.

But not a lot better! The hallucination, the homelessness, the self-destruction—was it all part of some…larger plan? At a certain point, we got offered a record deal, so it just kind of happened.

The band has been on a semi-official break for the last nine months—a break Earley desperately needed, in order to regain his sanity. With Goldwing, Earley was sick of trying so hard to impress himself. Out of pure ambition?

That human desire to be known by others? A lot of people can desire to be successful and famous—not even famous, but respected. So with these, I sort of just wanted to do the bare minimum necessary to make the songs work and not add too much.

After getting burned out on the grind of band life, Earley wrote a batch of songs without any clear idea of where they would end up. For a brief period of time, he thought he might have made a solo album.

Right when Destroyer was done, I was on this long break for like six months, and I just sort of wrote the new record. Which was kind of frustrating because I was touring Destroyer, but I had this other record done. Because it was a record that was really fun, too. I want to play these! And Mike, the bass player, also has a lot of input sonically and as far as mixing and stuff. And for me, it has meaning. It is the one sort of Dylan moment on the record.

But it still has that feeling of autobiography and tragic loss of love or something. Eric Earley recorded a new album, simply titled Trapper, on a two-track reel-to-reel in his bedroom; like the Garmonbozia records, Trapper was not released. They worked with producers Mike Coykendall and Gregg Williams to record some tracks for the new record - recording others by themselves - but, as publicist Matt Wright later stated, "Waking Bullets just wasn't really coming together as an album," and the project was shelved.

This paved the way for Blitzen Trapper's breakthrough album, 's Wild Mountain Nation, which Earley describes as "a record that sounded like it had been authored by a drunken scarecrow who had been dragged behind a truck.

It's the work of an assured band who can not only treat genre like so much fingerpaint, but brave enough to play it straight for a minute -- not as an empty exercise, but a chance to aspire Wild Mountain Nation is a revelation from beginning to end.

Rolling Stone named the track one of the best ofplacing it at 98 and calling it "A shambling, hypermelodic jam from Portland, Oregon, indie boys down with Native American culture Essentially living at the studio, head writer and lead singer Eric Earley worked on many of the songs late at night when the other bands in the space had gone.

One of the main components of the album's sound was a barely usable out-of-tune piano discovered at the studio one day, and featuring on the tracks, "Not Your Lover" and "Echo. It was me becoming aware of the past I'd been trying to forget, and of the greater world around me. It's no surprise that the opening track is a dream-like treatise on the state of the western world. Rolling Stone gave it four out of five stars, calling it, "an engaging album full of rootsy beauty: Throughout the album, Blitzen keep their songs highly tuneful, making Furr a breakthrough Club called Furr Blitzen Trapper's "most focused album yet" in its A- review, [28] while Pitchfork gave it another 8.

Blitzen Trapper

Furr was Blitzen Trapper's most popular album yet, reaching on the Billboard "Top " chart, and hit 22 on the Top Independent Chart and went as high as 6 on the Heatseekers chart. While classic American music is their source material, the band is devoted to radically rearranging it, scuffing it up and refitting it to serve their own purposes.

Band member Marty Marquis hinted at the direction of the new album, stating, "We've got a bunch of new material and have also gone back and looked at a bunch of unreleased stuff that we think are really strong tunes that would make a contribution with the new stuff," further explaining that the song, "The Tailor," would be "a really crazy, psychedelic tale along the lines of Furr, but the arrangements are not so folky and simple.

The tale itself and the poetry that expresses it is, I think, the next level above what we did with Furr. National Public Radio provided a full stream of the album in late Maycalling the album, "another ambitious and stylistically diverse curveball. I had already cobbled together a new record during the previous year of touring, Destroyer of the Void, a patchwork of songs from my past and present which hung together like a house of cards.

But there were certain glimmers of where Blitzen Trapper was heading, a certain feeling of open road and of heartfelt loss.

Blitzen Trapper: Stories to Tell

The band played the album's "Dragon Song" on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on June 17 of that year, [56] and, as part of an extensive tour in the United States and abroad, took part in the Crossing Border Festival in Amsterdam, one of the most massive music and literature festivals in Europe. Pitchfork proffered a 7. The roughness of rock and roll and the independence of travel act as the flip-side to all this sentimental backward-glancing.

The earthiness of these songs makes you want to get loaded and get in a fight, or find a girl and fall in love forever, simultaneously. For the new record I wrote them all in a month or so. I'm not a good deliberator, I get out a guitar and it comes to me. Despite the very personal nature of the songwriting Earley even indicated that the record had originally been intended as a solo effortAmerican Goldwing became the first Blitzen Trapper album to which creators outside the band were invited to collaborate.

Bassist Michael Van Pelt suggested bringing in Grammy-winning producer and audio engineer Tchad Blake to mix the album, [62] and Portland-based producer Gregg Wiliams QuarterflashThe Dandy Warholswho had recorded some of the tracks for the Waking Bullets at Breakneck Speed project, co-produced all the tracks on the record. Sub Pop released two trailer videos for the album, one straightforward clip featuring Earley riding in the back of a truck, underscored by musical snippets of "Might Find it Cheap" and "Stranger in a Strange Land", [63] and a more surreal movie-trailer video, featuring a narrator with a spooky-seductive French accent, murderous clowns, and bodies floating in swimming pools, based around "Street Fighting Sun".

AllMusic pegged the record as "a straight-up, mid-'70s inspired Southern rock album that fuses the Saturday night swagger of Lynyrd Skynyrd with the stoic peasantry of The Band ," while Rolling Stone called it an "intoxicating roots fantasy.

On the following Record Store Day April 20,and in celebration of its tenth anniversary as Blitzen Trapper, the band released a remastered vinyl version of their first, eponymous, album on vinyl, with five unearthed bonus tracks included.

Remastered specifically for vinyl by Bruce Barielle, only 1, black vinyl copies were pressed, with "Coke bottle clear" records mixed in randomly with the release; all copies included a digital download code. Rolling Stone heralded the new release with a streaming preview of one of the bonus tracks - "On a Tuesday" - about which Earley stated, "Not sure I recall what the song's even about — something sad, that's for sure.

Blitzen Trapper prepared its seventh studio album, with a somewhat new direction Eric Earley described VII as "hillbilly gangster," saying: It's just me wanting to mix that dark, gangster vibe with the kind of music I grew up listening to and see if it can kind of make sense It seems to work. It's a good vehicle for telling stories, too. The album itself fared well on the charts, peaking at 41 on the Independent Albums chart and 11 on the Folk Albums chart.

In February, Rolling Stone premiered a streaming outtake from VII titled "Coming Home"; Eric Earley stated that "with this track we wanted to lay down some good old-fashioned country funk, with horns and banjos side by side It recalls the swampy truck stop sounds of Jim Ford or Mac Davistelling ourselves that home is just around the bend.

Rather than release a physical album or an album through media outlets such as iTunes, Blitzen Trapper made Live In Portland downloadable or streaming for free, or as a "name your price" download through the website Bandcamp. Explaining the intent of the album, Eric Earley said: This is our first release of any live material and it's got everything I like about our live show, it's intimate, it's messy and it's grounded in our interaction on stage, just these guys that grew up together playing songs and messing around on a stage.

This is for all the fans who've seen us and know that when we're performing we're trying to give as much as we possibly can.