Belarus and russia relationship with syria

Bashar al-Assad: Syria-Belarus relationship continues, based on common interest

belarus and russia relationship with syria

Throughout the Syrian civil war, as Russia and Iran have come . the relationship between Russia and Belarus over Syria, where ties are seen. In sum, Western and Russian media regularly speculate on Belarus's alleged ties to various parties in the Syrian civil war. The secretive and. The Byelorussian SSR was one of only two Soviet republics to be separate members of the The introduction of free trade between Russia and Belarus in mid led to a spectacular growth in bilateral .. Syria has an embassy in Minsk.

Belarus is eligible for Export-Import Bank short-term financing insurance for U. The IMF granted standby credit in Septemberbut Belarus has fallen off the program and did not receive the second tranche of funding, which had been scheduled for regular intervals throughout The United States - along with the European Union - has restricted the travel of President Alexander Lukashenko and members of his inner circle, as well as imposing economic sanctions.

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Belarus—European Union relations The structure of Belarus trade reflects the low competitiveness and output decline of manufacturing industry in the country over the past decade, leading to the predominance of primary production, work-intensive goods as exports. Belarusian exports to the EU consist mainly of agricultural and textile products, while imports from the EU are primarily machinery. The European Commission decided in to initiate an investigation into violations of freedom of association in Belarus as the first step towards a possible temporary withdrawal of the GSP from Belarus.

In Decemberthe EU adopted a position aimed at imposing travel restrictions on officials from Belarus responsible for the fraudulent parliamentary elections and referendum on 17 Octoberand for human rights violations during subsequent peaceful political demonstrations in Minsk. The European Parliament released a statement in March in which it denounced the Belarusian government as a dictatorship.

Russia and Belarus: Behind the media battle | Belarus | Al Jazeera

The European parliamentarians were primarily concerned about the suppression of independent media outlets in the country and the fraudulent referendum. A resolution of the European Parliament declared that the personal bank accounts of President Lukashenko and other high-ranking Belarusian officials should be tracked and frozen.

belarus and russia relationship with syria

InAmnesty International reported a pattern of deliberate obstruction, harassment and intimidation of human rights defenders in Belarus. Reporters Without Borders accused the Belarusian authorities of hounding and arresting journalists from the country's Polish minority.

Lukashenko has closed the country's main Polish newspaper, printing a bogus paper instead with the same name and size that praises his incumbent government.

Several foreign, mainly Polish, journalists have been arrested or expelled from the country. Lukashenko accused Poland of an attempt to overthrow his government by stirring up a peaceful revolution in Belarus comparable to the Orange Revolution in Ukraine in Later in the Belarusian riot police seized the headquarters of the Union of Poles in Belarusan association representing theethnic minority Polish living in western areas the country that were part of Poland until World War II.

The dispute between Poland and Belarus escalated further as Poland responded by recalling its ambassador from Belarus for indefinite consultations, and called on the European Union to impose sanctions on the Belarusian leadership in order to curtail the human rights abuses in Belarus.

Belarusian papers described this as a 'dirty political game', and part of a 'cold war' waged on president Lukashenko. Polish Foreign Minister Adam Rotfeld said a clampdown was under way, aimed at destroying "all elements of political pluralism and independence" in Belarus. The commission said it was considering offering support to independent media in the country and had set aside more than eight million euros from its budget to offer support for human rights activities.

France expressed her solidarity with Poland on the issue of human rights in Belarus a day after the EU declared it was worried about the situation in that country. Several former Soviet Republics, including neighbouring Ukraine, also expressed their concerns about the development of the situation in Belarus.

However, it is contended by some scholars that the EaP is unable to create a workable partnership. Lukashenko also fired his air defence chief and the head of the border guards over the incident.

belarus and russia relationship with syria

Their replacements have been told not to hesitate to use force to stop future intrusions from abroad. Belarus—Russia relations Russia remains the largest and most important partner for Belarus both in the political and economic fields.

belarus and russia relationship with syria

After protracted disputes and setbacks, the two countries' customs duties were unified in March but the customs controls were soon restored. This has at times drawn the country close to Russia, while at other times put the two nations at odds with one another as they turned from close allies into fierce competitors for weapons contracts.

Belarusian army vehicles prepare for war games at an undisclosed location in Belarus on Sept. Vayar Military Agency photo via AP This involvement in the arms market has been a lucrative venture for tiny Belarus, though the full extent of it is not entirely clear. Samer Arnus, to Minsk also points to the high level of military cooperation between the regimes, according to Solomon.

Russia and Belarus: Behind the media battle

Belarusian Defense Minister Lt. Samer Arnus, on April 11, Even in Germany, which supplies Israel with its strategic submarine fleet, an IDF colonel fills the post.

Solomon noted that this meeting happened at the same time as new structures were being completed at the Masyaf facility. Despite Minsk being known as a secretive and oppressive regime, Belarus has not been quiet about its ties to the war-torn country and Assad, Solomon noted in his report. A Belarusian delegation takes part in a Syrian trade expo in Damascus on August 18, BelTA The past two years saw a significant increase in the amount of cooperation between the two countries, with meetings between high-ranking officials, including senior defense figures, and the signing of multiple trade agreements.

In May, Assad gave an interview to a Belarusian television station, in which he described improving ties between the two countries.

Bashar al-Assad: Syria-Belarus relationship continues, based on common interest

The Syrian dictator also noted that a visit by Belarusian Industry Minister Vitaly Vovk in April to the war-torn country further improved ties between the two countries. Since the interview, the two countries have signed an additional trade deal, as well as medical cooperation agreements.

Last month, a delegation from Belarus attended a trade expo in Damascus in which additional trade deals were reached. According to Bohdan, the Belarusian resarcher, the importance of the deals was likely inflated as Minsk attempted to compensate for allegations made by pro-Russian news outlets that some Belarusian defense companies were supplying Syrian opposition fighters through Bulgaria a few years ago.

The reports had strained the relationship between Russia and Belarus over Syria, where ties are seen as close but tense. At times, Belarus and Russia cooperate fully on arms projects.