Barrie chase and fred astaire relationship

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barrie chase and fred astaire relationship

Girl tries to make good, carve a career, meets Fred Astaire. “July, columnist Erskine Johnson reports: “No, Barrie Chase didn't get Remembering the Kennedy connection from earlier in the day, he made sure 'no. Barrie Chase (born October 20, ) is an American actress and dancer originally from Kings Barrie Chase. Barrie Chase Fred Astaire JPG. Chase performing with Fred Astaire on the Astaire Time television special in Barrie Chase. You may not recognize the name, but she was one of the best dance partners Fred Astaire had during his extraordinary film and.

It was just one of those Hollywood things for the girl who danced to fame with Fred Astaire on TV almost a year ago.

barrie chase and fred astaire relationship

Another faux pas, part of that one, was that she was down to dance with Frank Sinatra and he did not take kindly to her doing this. It started to go wrong, the offers did not come in to the same extent, although they did come in.

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Some network press agents objected to her coldness during interviews. Members of the press believed she showed an obvious desire to be somewhere else. This below could almost have been a tongue-in-cheek commentary on her situation as ofquite revealing: And the woman [no girl any more] could certainly dance: What might have been for Barry Chase? Methinks it comes back to what was in a previous post about good looks.

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He is blindfolded at the time as part of the game, trying to work out who the celeb is. And that was exactly what so many were saying about her. Like Tuesday Weld, did she really want to be there? Was she really being serious about her career, about getting on? Most of the truly greats that I have met are that way. He only took after me once, during a rehearsal, and I left.

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I thought it was out of proportion, although he had probably reasons. People are going to believe what they want to.

barrie chase and fred astaire relationship

Nor did I care what it was. What he was was uniquely wonderful, and at a time when Hollywood was very anti-gay I must say he was very accepting of the gay community, and embracing. At MGM there were two large rehearsal halls and in between them, like an H, a smaller one for stars who wanted to do things on their own privately.

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Jack would demonstrate, and I had to pick it up. Every once in a while, Jack would come over and correct a body position, but you really had to work to learn it, which in retrospect was really good. Barrie Chase with David Noh. You never got your hair done, and mine was always scraggly. Fortunately, Fred liked that look, but he sent me up to makeup and hair.

barrie chase and fred astaire relationship

She looks like Veloz and Yolanda [a popular ballroom dancing team of the time]. I want her to look like herself. They had to take me out and wash my hair while everyone was waiting on the set.

It was glued into place and then they had to dry my hair!

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I had done a lot of modeling for [costume designer] Helen Rose, was always getting out of the chorus to do fun stuff like that. In fact, "extraordinary" is a fitting adjective for her dance talent. I've blogged about Barrie Chase before and I believe she merits another mention.

barrie chase and fred astaire relationship

Astaire made entertainment headlines in the late s with the number of Emmys he won for his excellent NBC special. In these hit specials, his elegant partner was his friend, Barrie Chase.

barrie chase and fred astaire relationship

Just like Gwen Verdon before she became a Broadway star, Chase was a chorus dancer in movie musicals whose dazzling style and charisma made her pop. That little something extra just made her stand out. Also like Verdon, she was the assistant to top choreographers while they created movie numbers.

Chase also assisted Jack Cole. Barrie Chase had fabulous legs and cheekbones the camera loved. She had a jazzy hipster vibe without being calculated about it. Part of her DNA.