Balthier and ashe relationship help

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balthier and ashe relationship help

Ashe is older than Vaan. I tried to picture a romantic relationship between Ashe, and some of the male main characters. Ashe's personality. Apparently, a lot of people believe Balthier and Ashe were a The subtlety of their relationship makes them my favorite videogame couple ever. nothing in the game even suggests a ashe/balthier love relationship, except for that TINY scene in that port with al-cid(you know which one).

Final Fantasy XII is the greatest video game of all time. Hell, Ashe has more meaningful moments with Vaan, of all people. Also, Balthier x Fran.

But, as per the norm with Matsuno games, romance isn't much of a thing. Balthier and Ashe have one conversation, that's not a relationship. But you can realistically say there's 3 couples in the game: Vaan and Penelo in revenant wings at leastbalthier and fran zoophilia ewwAshe and Basch Penelo letter hints at it Final Fantasy XII is the greatest video game of all time. Vir27 Vir27 1 year ago 9 I had never heard this one before. I am trying on thinking about that Penelo letter your way.

balthier and ashe relationship help

I'm Basch, and all day every day I'm pretending to be Gabranth for a promise to my dead brother. I get a letter about Ashe, who is my lover, and how she keeps up appearances but she misses me.

Inafter his father returned from GiruveganFfamran noticed Cid's sanity fading: Ffamran's falling out with his father, combined with Archadia's political maneuvers, made him decide to leave his post as Judge and flee Archadesstealing a new prototype fighter ship.

Since going into hiding he has upgraded the ship so much it no longer resembles the original design and has named it the Strahl.

Ffamran took on the name "Balthier" as an alias to help cast aside his ties with Archades. Partnering with a viera companion named Fran, he flew the skies of Ivalice searching for treasure, gaining notoriety as a sky pirate, and increasing the bounty on his head. Balthier and Fran surprise Vaan in the Palace treasury.

Balthier demands he hand it over, but before he can retrieve the magicite the Ifrit attacks the palace. Vaan escapes and Balthier reluctantly follows him. He chases Vaan out into the palace grounds, where amid the battle between the Resistance forces and the Imperials, Balthier throws Vaan onto his hovercraft, piloted by Fran. The Goddess's Magicite, really a piece of deifacted nethiciterenders the hovercraft unresponsive, and the trio crashes into the Garamsythe Waterway.

Balthier joins forces with Vaan to find a way out though Vaan is determined to keep the magicite. Balthier suspects the new consul, Vayne, deliberately lured the Resistance out of hiding to attack the palace. They encounter a Resistance fighter named Amalia who joins them despite her distaste of her "thieving" company.

Ashe and Basch (spoilers)

Balthier gives his handkerchief to Penelo. After the party defeats the FiremaneVayne in the game or Judge Ghis in the manga with a battalion of soldiers ambush the party. Despite Amalia's insistence that her company is innocent, they are taken captive. As they are marched out onto the streets of Rabanastre Balthier meets Vaan's friend Penelo who weeps at the sight of Vaan be led away.

To avoid a scene Balthier gives Penelo his handkerchief and assures her Vaan will be safe. Unknown to Balthier, the bounty hunter Ba'Gamnan watches the exchange from the shadows. In the Nalbina Dungeons Balthier sends Fran to find an escape route. In the manga, Vaan intervenes on a seeq prisoner attacking a former Dalmascan soldier and has the Goddess's Magicite seized from him. Balthier attempts to teach Vaan why he lost by challenging him to a coin toss game where Vaan must guess which hand he holds it in.

If Vaan fails he will turn over his chestpiece from his late brother Reks as a prize, but Vaan demands Balthier wager his airship.

Vaan loses and Fran returns and reveals she has the coin and Balthier's hands are empty.

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Balthier had won using the magick spells Decoy and Vanish to distract Vaan, tossing a fake coin while throwing the invisible real coin to Fran, and Vaan lost because he was too naive to think of sneakier tactics and didn't watch his surroundings. Fran has found an exit and Balthier decides to make their move in two hours after investigating the Resistance with Vaan declaring he will have recovered the Goddess's Magicite by that time.

Vaan ignores Balthier's lesson and reclaims the Goddess's Magicite without dirty tricks, and flees to reconvene with Balthier. In the game, Balthier finds Vaan in battle with three seeq dungeon masters and joins the fray. After their victory, Balthier and Vaan hide within the dungeon arena where Balthier overhears Ba'Gamnan, who has followed him to Nalbina, along with Judge Gabranth.

With Fran they follow Gabranth into an Oubliette where they find an emaciated Basch fon Ronsenburg imprisoned. Following Gabranth's departure, Basch pleads with the party to set him free.

Balthier is indifferent, but Vaan cannot control his rage at the King-Slayer said to have also killed Vaan's brother Reks and jumps atop Basch's cage, attracting the guards. Fran asks everyone to hold onto the cage and drops it to the Barheim Passageinadvertently freeing Basch. Balthier allows him to join the party as another sword arm as they navigate their way to an exit. Basch explains it was his twin brother Gabranth who killed the king and Vaan's brother in his guise, and Balthier notes the two do have the same face.

balthier and ashe relationship help

Back in Rabanastre, the party disperses. Balthier is accosted by the bangaa Migelowho claims Ba'Gamnan has kidnapped Penelo because he mistook her as someone close to Balthier.

He is initially unwilling to go to Bhujerba to rescue her, but Basch asks him to fly him there so he can meet Marquis Ondoreand when Vaan promises Balthier the Goddess's Magicite in return, he agrees to fly them all to the sky city.

Balthier, "Lamont", and Vaan in Lhusu Mines.

In Bhujerba the group meets a youth who introduces himself as Lamont. Balthier is suspicious but allows the boy to accompany them to the Lhusu Mines where the Archadian Empire is mining magicite to be used in the Draklor Laboratory in Archades, and where Ba'Gamnan is said to be holding Penelo captive.