Azir and sivir relationship help

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azir and sivir relationship help

Some around the court believed a curse was at work and a few even whispered the young heir's name in connection with this - though Azir claimed innocence. Sivir Sivir is a renowned fortune hunter and mercenary captain who plies her trade in Occasionally, she persuaded other children to help her plunder tombs that . Bone-dry for thousands of years, it now overflowed with crystal water at Azir's. Simple, travel to the other various location to make friends and other close relationships. I've heard you say this plenty of times Azir" Sivir sighed as she "Hey, someone has to help the new people adjust and make sure the.

I wish for someone I can talk to about my worries. I know you want to unite all of Runeterra under your rule or some elaborate goal like that, but with that fragile peace treaty between Noxus and Demacia, enforced by the League, don't think you'll be able to do that any time soon. With that in mind, go out to the cities! Go into Noxus, into Demacia, any other place that you want. Make yourself some friends, get your ladies, make mistakes, be the one thing that you miss so much…being alive.

Think of me as the acting empress…just without all that formality and stuff. She headed towards the door, grabbing her boomerang that rested against the doorframe. It may be coarse, but the same blood that runs through me, the blood that cares about people, runs through you. Azir smiled softly as he watched her leave.

He would grab his staff and head towards the balcony of the throne room. He looked out towards the distance, over towards and past the mountains in the distance. He planned his route, starting in Demacia and going in a circle until he returned. He crouched down and gathered more sand into his being. He would launch himself into the sky and take flight, the sand propelling him forward. The land below him zipped by as he soared through the sky, a trail of sand falling off of him as he traveled.

The air that Azir felt on his body was rejuvenating, never had he traveled like this before. This truly was an experience he won't forget for numerous reasons. He would then start fell his being start to descend, he then realized that he truly had no idea of how to land. Sure there was whenever he was recalled to his team's base in league matches but that was a hop compared to this distance. The one plus side was that he gave himself enough of an initial thrust that the spanning city-state of Demacia was beneath him.

He made a quick decision, deciding to send the last of the momentum granted to him by the sand downward instead of continuing into the side of a building that would be his final destination.

Taking in the sight of his new destination, the building beneath Azir seemed to be of some sort of nobility or family with money. Sivir threw the crossblade in a curved arc, and marveled as it decapitated not only the captain, but the three men behind him before returning to her hand.

Never had a weapon felt so natural in her grip, so powerful to throw. She fought her way from the tomb to emerge triumphant with the Lord of Nashramae's men dead behind her.

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Tales of Sivir's exploits and ferocity in battle were already well-known within Shurima, but as her legend grew, her reputation spread beyond even the desert lands. In Noxus, stories of her deeds reached the ears of Cassiopeiaan ambitious noblewoman who desired a relic she believed was hidden in the heart of the desert.

Cassiopeia had no shortage of coin, and hired Sivir as her guide to plunder the depths of the long lost capital of Shurima. Though she instinctively distrusted Cassiopeia, Sivir was not about to dismiss such a profitable expedition. As they plunged deeper into the twisting catacombs of the buried city, many of Sivir's mercenaries were killed by a slew of deadly traps, but Cassiopeia refused to turn back. After days of endless descent into darkness, Sivir and Cassiopeia finally reached a great bas-relief depicting ancient emperors and Ascended warriors with bestial heads.

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Most of the buried structures they had seen were shattered from millennia spent beneath the sands, but this wall was uncannily intact. Sivir felt her blood stir as she gazed at the carvings, mesmerized by a creeping sense of recognition. In that moment of inattention, her fate was sealed. Taking advantage of Sivir's distraction, Cassiopeia stepped in close and rammed a blade through her back.

Sivir collapsed in agony, her lifeblood soaking into the sand. Cassiopeia pried Sivir's crossblade from her grasp as her senses dimmed like a guttering candle. As warmth faded from her body, death closed in. But fate was not yet done with Sivir. As her lifeblood drained, her ancestor, the long-dead emperor Azirwas resurrected by the echoes of royalty within her blood.

He carried her body to the Oasis of the Dawn, a sacred pool once brimming with healing waters. Bone-dry for thousands of years, it now overflowed with crystal water at Azir's presence.

The healing waters enveloped Sivir's body, miraculously undoing the fatal wound dealt to her by Cassiopeia.

azir and sivir relationship help

With a labored gasp, Sivir opened her eyes, dazed and uncomprehending, as if dragged from a dream. A vaguely familiar face looked down at her with kindness, and Sivir blinked, unsure if she was alive or dead. All around her, spirals of dust whirled hundreds of feet in the air forming towering palaces, ornate temples, and expansive plazas.

The ancient city of Shurima rose from its sandy grave in all its glory and splendor, crowned by an enormous golden disc shining brighter than the noonday sun. With Azir's return, the ancient city was restored to its former majesty. Azir would not be dissuaded from his rash course of action, for his arrogance had grown along with his empire, and he ordered them to comply on pain of death.

The day of the ritual finally came and Azir marched toward the Dais of Ascension, flanked by thousands of his warriors and tens of thousands of his subjects. The brothers Renekton and Nasus were absent, having been dispatched by Xerath to deal with an emergent threat, but still Azir would not turn from what he saw as his great destiny.

He climbed to the great golden disc atop the temple at the heart of the city and in the moments before the sun priests began the ritual, he turned to Xerath and finally freed him.

And not just him, but all slaves Xerath was stunned into speechlessness, but Azir was not yet done. He embraced Xerath and named him his eternal brother, as he had promised he would all those years ago.

Azir turned as the priests began the ritual to bring down the awesome power of the sun.


Azir was unaware that Xerath had studied more than just history and philosophy in his quest for knowledge. He had learned the dark arts of sorcery, all the while nursing a desire for freedom that had grown like a cancer into a burning hatred. At the height of the ritual, the former slave unleashed his powers and Azir was blasted from his place on the dais.

Without the protection of the runic circle, Azir was consumed by the sun's fire as Xerath took his place. The light filled Xerath with power, and he roared as his mortal body began to transform. But the magic of the ritual was not intended for Xerath, and such awesomely powerful celestial energies could not be diverted without dire consequence.

The power of the Ascension ritual exploded outward, devastating Shurima and laying waste to the city. Its people burned to ash and its towering palaces fell to ruin as the desert sands rose up to swallow the city. The sun disc sank from the sky and what had taken centuries to build was brought to ruin in an instant by one man's ambition and another's misplaced hate.

All that remained of Azir's city were sunken ruins and echoes of its people's screams on the night winds. Azir saw none of this. For him, all was nothingness. His last memories were of pain and fire; he knew nothing of what befell him atop the temple, nor what became of his empire.

He remained lost in timeless oblivion until, thousands of years after Shurima's doom, the blood of his last descendant spilled onto the temple ruins and resurrected him. Azir was reborn, but was yet incomplete; his body little more than animate dust given form, held together by the last vestiges of his indomitable will.

azir and sivir relationship help

Gradually resuming his corporeal form, Azir stumbled through the ruins and came across the corpse of a woman with a treacherous knife wound in her back. He did not know her, but saw in her features the distant echo of his bloodline.

All thoughts of empires and power were forgotten as he lifted this daughter of Shurima and bore her to what had once been the Oasis of the Dawn. The oasis was empty and dry, but with every step Azir took, clear water began filling the rocky basin. Azir immersed the woman's body in the restorative waters of the oasis and as the blood washed away, only a faint scar remained where the blade had pierced her.

And with that act of selflessness, Azir was lifted up in a column of fire as the magic of Shurima renewed him, remaking him as the Ascended being he was meant to become.