Ava gardner and john ford relationship

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ava gardner and john ford relationship

Ava Gardner played many small parts and uncredited roles before her breakout Set in Kenya and directed by John Ford, this cinematic safari is an and his relationship with a local girl (Gardner) as he comes to terms with. Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra began their affair while he was still .. John Ford tried to talk her out of the abortion but she did not want to have. Grace Kelly and Ava Gardner in “Mogambo. and O'Hara's own autobiography that her relationship with Ford alternated from rocky to smooth.

A few years later she would say that she had suffered a miscarriage, but in private she told the wife of cinematographer Robert Surtees that she had had an abortion. At that point in her relationship with Frank Sinatra, she hated him so much she did not want to bear his child. Clark Gable and Grace Kelly began an affair on the set that lasted for several months.

ava gardner and john ford relationship

After filming had ended, they resumed the affair while Kelly was filming The Country Girl Despite this story, Kelly biographer James Spada insists that, although Kelly was infatuated with Gable, he did not want to get involved with a woman 30 years his junior. Although he liked her, Spada claims, theirs was a father-daughter relationship.

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However, Donald Sinden said that Gable and Kelly did have an affair during filming. Donald Sinden and all male members of the crew who removed their shirts had to shave any hair from their chests daily, as Clark Gable who did not have a hairy chest thought it an affront to his "manliness". The first day of shooting was disrupted by a large baboon that kept getting into camera range to watch Clark Gable and Ava Gardner film a love scene.

ava gardner and john ford relationship

During filming in Kenya, MGM hired armed guards to protect the cast and crew in the event of an attack by Mau Mau terrorists.

Nonetheless, all involved in the filming were issued weapons with which to defend themselves.

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The crew created an yard airstrip in the jungle so they could fly in mail, food and medical supplies from Nairobi and fly out each day's rushes. The camp was first set up in Tanganyika, then reassembled in Uganda.

ava gardner and john ford relationship

The censors in Spain did not allow adultery to be shown on the screen. However, they did not delete a scene in which both share a bed together.

Hundreds of native tribesmen were flown in to appear in the film, including some from tribes that were traditional enemies. The entourage included 68 members of the Wagenia tribe, hired to film a boat trip through the rapids.

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Of her odd pictures, only a handful are worth a second look. How, one wonders, can this paltry tale be sustained over more than pages? Answers come there several: Trouble is, since we all knew Ava was putting out, it's hardly news. But the book's real moments of non-revelation are to be found in its many incontinent interviews. Pages-long quotation follows pages-long quotation, stuffed with information of such inconsequentiality you find yourself rereading them in the belief that you must have missed something: And she looked at me from head to toe and she said, "You've come to take me down to dinner?

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There was a pause, then she said, "Okay, then. I need to take a bath first.

ava gardner and john ford relationship

Which is pretty frightening for a young chap, you know. Somebody less of a gentleman would have looked, but I didn't… She was totally uninhibited. Later on we get quality time with Francis Matthews "she talked and joked with us, and she was terribly funny and she was absolutely adorable"Michael Winner "She was the most gracious person, a very sensitive person"Joanna Lumley "everyone soon became her friend and just magnetically enthralled by this extraordinary, legendary woman"and dozens of others.

None of them tells us anything we did not already know. When not giving dullards their head, Server plies a purple pen, littering his text with short paragraphs of sophomore Hemingwayese: How could it cause so much unhappiness?