Aquarius and taurus work relationship problems

Aquarius and Taurus Compatibility: The Visionary and the Lover ⋆ Astromatcha

aquarius and taurus work relationship problems

Love and Sexual compatibility between Aquarius and Taurus zodiac signs. Saturn causes Aquarius to focus on hard work and discipline to achieve goals; These two can have trouble understanding one another; if Taurus clings too closely. Compatibility of Aquarius and Taurus sun sign guide for love match, sex relationship in their nature which may lead to unnecessary compatibility problems. The compatibility between Aquarius and Taurus does not work well as they set. Taurus and Aquarius love compatibility They work hard at respect. opportunity to look at life from a conservative point of view and it work because the Bull just on just about everything but find each other interesting and lively challenges.

Taurus resists change and Aquarius is the most progressive of all 12 Signs of the Zodiac. How do these two get along, then?

Aquarius and Taurus Compatibility In Love Match, Sex and Marriage

They may appear to have few common interests, but they share a very strong desire to succeed — which means they may make better business partners than lovers. Since these two can both be extremely opinionated, they must take care not to get into arguments, especially because of their dissimilar reactions to tension: They like to do things their way with as little fuss as possible. Despite their differences, however, they do have something to offer one another.

aquarius and taurus work relationship problems

Venus is a warm, feminine energy and Saturn a cold masculine energy. Taurus thinks Aquarius is just plain odd.

Taurus and Aquarius is often a challenging relationship to make work

They set each other off. Having Taurus for a friend gives them the opportunity to look at life from a conservative point of view and it work because the Bull just loves to sprout opinions.

Aquarius climbs on their moral soap box and tells Taurus how shallow and insular they are — Taurus calls Aquarius pompous and it just keeps going around and around in circles until broken by a surprise moment of passion that catches them completely off guard.

Taurus likes the good life and is an avid consumer — Aquarius will judge them harshly and bang on about saving the planet and superficial lifestyles. Taurus deliberately provokes Aquarius and has little time for their perpetual bleeding-heart attitude.

aquarius and taurus work relationship problems

There is another scenario — you know the saying about love being blind? Where they may encounter turbulence… Where do we start?

Aquarius and Taurus Compatibility: The Visionary and the Lover

If Taurus sees the stable, Saturn side of Aquarius, and Aquarius recognizes the inner child in their Taurus partner, they could discover that they do belong together, even though this goes against the odds. One of them wants to be tied down, and the other wants to fly.

There is really not much they can do, but accept the differences of their goals and natures, for there is truth and good in both approaches to life. After the recourses of Taurus have been spent, there is not much else they will want to do together. Taurus will gladly visit a strange place they have never been to, but after this, they will want to come home and have a nice dinner.


They could be taken care of through the efforts of their Taurus partner, if they had enough patience to keep them well fed, dressed in clean clothes and took care of household activities. Still, this compromise is rare to find, because the emotional satisfaction Taurus partner will get in return is not enough.

Still, there is a strange similarity and connection between their rulers and although very challenging, this is a relationship where both partners could fall in love with each other, over and over again, every single day.

They are ruled by Venus and Uranus, both planets rotating in a direction opposite to the direction of other planets. They are two outcasts, different and standing out together, they understand that East can be where West is, and vice versa.