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This is something I need to talk about because Kougami and Akane have such an interesting and dynamic relationship and I really love them. Akane is polite and respectful and after spending time with Shinya Kogami, one of and known that she maintains a close relationship with her grandmother. Browse through and read or take thousands of kougami stories, quizzes, and Akane's probably very one-sided feelings didn't stand under the brightest star of the universe. Even if they were returned, their relationship was fated to become a train (Shinya Kougami x OC x Shogo Makishima) and (Nobuchika Ginoza x OC ).

It gets to the point that she tries her hardest to bring in Makishima alive despite the fact that he had killed her friend right in front of her. She believes the system will be terminated in the future. Years later, while Akane retains her kindness and patience, she is also cool headed and rational, which is shown when she calmly uses her negotiation skills to talk down a criminal who was using bombs to attack the PSB, which pushed his Psycho-Pass into the non-danger zone, allowing her to stun him and bring him in instead of killing him.

She outright tells him that any sympathetic words she might tell him were now meaningless and she was ready to give the execution order had Inspector Aoyanagi not shot him first.

She's also not against rebelling against Sibyl at times, such as when she attempts to bring in Kirito Kamui alive despite the System wanting him dead, so she can find out exactly why he's considered such a big threat.

Even after everything she's seen, Akane still maintains her healthy Psycho-Pass and is quick to recover from any traumatic event, such as the aforementioned death of her friend and the death of her grandmother.

Personal Background Tsunemori's parents. At school Tsunemori is one of the top students with several notable achievements, both in the public and private sectors. She is curious about him, as well, and finds his methods of detective work surprisingly effective.

There is speculation, without proof, that their mutual interest is romantic in nature, though some evidence exists that it may be one-sided on Tsunemori's part. Kogami respects her work ethic and attitude saying, "This girl is amazing.

The brunette had managed to assimilate with the regulars easily, and working in the bar as a teen to help her parents already gave her knowledge of the alcohol and drinks and cocktails. But just because she now owned the bar didn't really mean that she just had to deal with the paperwork and hiring people. No, Same Sky's owner needed to be on good terms with all of its frequenting customers, so that meant- Bartender duty.

He nodded, engrossed in a book like always, and she quickly served him a plate of madeleines and a cup of Earl Grey tea. Hey, this wasn't a normal bar; they carried nearly every drink known to mankind and then the bar snacks were something else Next to him, Choe Gu-Song received a glass of Jameson on the Rocks and nodded his head at her politely.

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The owner was standing near them, as there was a lull in patrons and it was customary for them to have a little conversation, for the sake of familiarity. I've been busy all last week.

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There's been an odd influx of police-type customers, and I usually have to work double-time to make sure that no fights break out," Akane explained. I have found a few artists that may prove to be of some interest. Akane raised an eyebrow, jerking her head towards the meet.

Nothing I need to bother myself with.

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The bartender sighed momentarily before going off to make the man's drink. He glanced at Makishima dismissively before waiting on his order.

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He also was a significant public figure: It was ironic, this place. It was a blur of black and white, and though the colors clashed the place was peaceful. It was doubly ironic in that a practically wanted man, the leader of a notorious crime ring, was capable of having such a person sit down next to him without knowing and still be completely safe. Kogami nursed his drink for a bit, taking care to observe his surroundings first.

I don't wish for you to lose on your precious bonding time with other customers because you feel obliged to carry on our conversation," he remarked casually.

They all know the rules, and regulars here know better than to pick fights.

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Makishima identified the expression on his face quite easily; he had grown accustomed to seeing it on men's faces when the young woman walked away or her attention was taken.

Undeniably, Kogami Shinya was another fool that held some kind of feelings beyond professional for Tsunemori, whether he was aware of it or not. It was irritating as Shogo had known her long before most of the regulars herebut it was gratifying that finally he had found an individual worthy enough to actually be considered an opponent in the matter of forcing Akane to look at other perspectives of life.

Weapons and black market materials smuggler. No current charges, but shown to be linked to several serious cases, a practical ghost in the system. Shogo was only mildly taken by surprise. Renowned for a record high of solved to cold case ratio for someone so young. They were not like two ships passing in the night. Meeting up with another future serial killer? I'm flattered that you think I'm a criminal, but I'm merely a lover of books and a teacher, here for a cup of tea and a chat with Tsunemori-san.

This place is a mixing bowl of criminals, civilians, and law enforcement alike. Pity I can't arrest you right here and right now. A cup of tea my foot. To pester an innocent person enjoying good company? Just checking up on Tsunemori," Shinya answered easily. A month, at most," Makishima replied calmly, waving down another bartender in order to pay his tab.

On his way out, the white-haired man takes the opportunity to remind Akane to read the book with a hand around her waist and a hot whisper in her ear.

Shinya is left snarling and rubbing out his cigarette in anger. They don't meet again until two days later, this time running into each other on the way in the doorway.

Kogami was there for a meeting with an eyewitness to the crime of his current case, and Makishima was determined to quiz Tsunemori as to see if she had read the book yet.

The latter made an immediate U-turn after learning that the owner was at home, down with a high fever. The former was stuck at Same Sky for a good hour, during which Makishima dropped by her apartment with food and medicine and assurances that the bar was fine.

She dismissed it as innate reactions to opposing sides of the law. Then everything changed the morning her cousin appeared knocking on her doorstep. Cousin Touma Kozaborou was not considered a direct line of the Tsunemori family, so he had no eligibility in possibly owning the bar, so Akane and her brother had not been in contact with him often. Koza-kun their familiar nickname for the brunet man was a mysterious cousin that showed up at family reunions and their birthdays with presents and stories of place he had been, even though he was only two years older than him at the time.

As far as Akane knew, he was a hacker and informant for various people. But that meant that he was a neutral party, so Could I possibly have some gin, medicine, bandages, and an opportunity to collapse on your couch?

Inhe wears a khaki green, military-style shirt and pants with a bulletproof vest and brown combat boots. He also carries a traditional gun in a light brown holster. There, he is an Enforcer and subordinate to his childhood best friend, Nobuchika Ginoza who is an Inspector and lead officer. Although the two often seem at odds, they respect one another's judgment regarding police work. Kogami is cool-headed and detached while working a case with sharp instincts and insight into the criminal mind.

The way he deals with investigations leaves even the best Enforcers impressed and appalled, as he usually uses risky methods to solve them. However, despite his mostly serious personality, Kogami has a sense of humor and finds it amusing to tease rookie Inspector, Akane Tsunemori, especially about how she once shot him with a Dominator during her first assignment with Division 1.