Aham sharma and monica sehgal relationship test

Monica Sehgal and Karan Khanna attend producer Siddharth Kumar Tewary's party

As a viewer, this show has begun to test my patience. But as a "samajhdaar" girl, when she realizes that her relationship with Asher Bhai is. Aham Sharma aka Karna of 'Mahabharat' is married! . Aham Sharma, Praneet Bhatt, Kashmira Irani, Monica Sehgal at 'Dosti Yaariyan. Off screen pics of Aham Sharma with Monica Sehgal, Shravvan Reddy and Kashmira Irani:) ~Admin.

A new beginning perhaps? Ronnie is in love with Ananya forever, but has never mustered the courage to tell her about his feelings. While on their way to cover an assignment, the duo get caught in the rains and they take shelter in a chai shop. He gets down on his knees and asks her to be his life partner. In the rain sequence, Arjun who is upset with Radhika walks away leaving her alone by a poolside.

When Arjun slips and falls into the pool, Radhika cannot stop laughing.

Rains reign on TV

Irked at becoming a source of entertainment for the person he strongly detests, Arjun gets out of the pool, quickly picks up Radhika and throws her into the pool. He later realises that she cannot swim and jumps in to save her. Rains, pool and love blossoming. Ratan Sneha Wagh finds a bomb placed in a dabba and alarmed, she decides to throw it away.

Just as she reaches the village border, the bomb explodes and she dies. And with that, Sneha, who has been a part of the show for over two years, bids adieu.

  • Aham Sharma aka Karna of ‘Mahabharat’ is married!
  • Rains reign on TV
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She has made various attempts to tell him about her feelings but he ignores her. Moving away from that, can we discuss what happened with "Mona" for a moment? Was this a ploy on Mona's part? And why did Adeel offer absolutely zero explanation in the coming episodes? Was he really trying to have his way with her? So why did he feel the need to go completely silent on the issue?

TV stars @ Siddharth's party

Rana assumes the worst of him, but you'd think he'd clear up that misconception, considering he prides himself on every woman wanting him. Why are Rana's sleeveless shalwar kameez covered with a flimsy chiffon dupatta more modest than Mona's covered T-shirt and jeans? Let's throw shade elsewhere, Rana. Not only was the comment stupid, it was also hypocritical - but let's blame the chauvinistic writers there, I guess. What did Mona do to bring this on in Rana's eyes? Considering Adeel has never been a saint and Taaya Abu has been well aware of Adeel's flirtations with his nieces, why does he suddenly turn a blind eye, accept Adeel as an angel and place blame entirely on Rana?

Yes, somehow the very last scene of the last episode did calm me a bit with Taaya Abu discussing with Rana how women sometimes have to take control of messy situations, somewhat affirming that he is not as in-the-dark as he would seem. There's much more to talk about regarding this show, but I feel this much is enough.

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I have a lot of hopes pinned on this show. Despite the intense flaws and tedious main male character, this show is very interesting. The show is "consistently on top" according to the channel not for long with Mann Mayal in FULL intense love story stride!

I just hope the writers realize the audience is reaching the breaking point, the point of no return. We cannot be taken for fools.