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Very complicated relationship Acchan loves Takamina Takamina love Kojiharu, and PM - 23 Feb 18 Retweets; Tomochin uploaded 2-shot photos with Takamina or Takamina's photos on he blog. SHe also went to Karaoke with Takamina, Acchan and. PART 11 At Akiba Club In the VVIP Room Takamina is really weak right at the moment, as she just give in her Then, they're making their decision to take Takamina at Acchan's place. After that, Takamina starts conversation about their relationship. . “So, you want to give up and failed the test again?.

This is worst things that I heard angry. Sorry … Next, was Turtle pot. Turtle shell … scary… at one go.

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I like to go to the fish shops since I was kids. Especially the shell food. My favourite food is the pork chop rice!! Our favourite foods are different. But thanks to Atsuko, I can eat fish and squid.

Now, fillet sake time, Lady owner had performed a fire show to add flavor in it. But, it smells bad!! Coughgoose bumps now Acchan: Is it tasty …? My heart is DokiDoki now!!

Even I only move it closer to my mouth, my eyes are already stinging from the smoke. Taking a sip … Ah, not bad the taste. You are now an adult after drinking this. Who is best drinker in group of 91s. The best drinker is Yukirin. Never go out to have a drink together before? Before we go out for a drink we must communicate more with other people. No initiative at all. Who is good at dealing with people? Does it mean that we are out of touch on other stuff except the work?

Though knowing my motivation is so unpromising but still I will sleep at home. Seems that Kojiharu has many friends outside, could it be because you are in different generation?

Yuko has went through the normal high-school life and have many friends in hometown. And she also said that we never try 2 person riding a bicycle, so pity. No such experience at all. At that time, did you imagine your 20? No, not at all.

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Always thought that Sister Ayu is really an adult. Yes, she is gentle and took initiative to talk with us who are younger members. When she get serious, her awareness of work becomes so high, but her mental age is still the same as that time … wry smile Reporter: Who is your first friend in AKB? I was friend with Risa Narita Risa who is one year older than me.

Risa is so good and possessed me. We are the recipient.

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Different from the older sisters circle, kids were playing so high together. I remember that we younger members were gathering in the Shibuya and took a mug shoot there. Takamina was wearing white fur on neck and very gorgeous in appearance. Because older members were leading us, Takamina was a kid at that time.

Acchan was very inconspicuous. But, when we went to Shibuya, she was so happy. Risa, Tomochin, me and Atsuko were so happy when we went to disneyland that time.

I can chat after getting closer. Even now at the work place if no one I know there then I become so gloomy wry smile. Compare to me, Tomochin is curious girl. Tomochin and Miichan were always pretending to be mature in the past. Miichan looked more mature in the past, now she is more cute.

Holding many AKB48 cards on hands. I was once holding the photos of Morning Muzume like them.

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Who was the first artist I met? Mine is the London Boots 1 2 -san who came for shooting in my hometown. Mine is who again? Since I took noticehe wrapped it like a cherished thing using film. You also have jokes. My father also show off that Kitajima Saburo-san playing the slot machine beside him. Takamina, you also have some funny stories today. The first artist I met and made me moved is W-inds-san. Acchan really likes Kpop, are you addicted to 2PM now?

Longing, is very important to this job. Because I will imagine that i hope that person will do so, then myself will have the same feeling like fans.

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There was that huh? How…that must have been a hard time for you. There was a time when the same customers would come see every concert. And you know how the songs for the encore were already set?

There was slowly this atmosphere that even if no one called for an encore, we would do one anyway. I think we had become numb. And I think the customers picked up on those feelings. I totally thought I was going to collapse.

So I thought, if there is no encore, is it just going to end here?! It was great that we did get an encore. There was never a time when I cried so much receiving an encore. After that, repeating the phrase on the cue card, was in a sense, more difficult.

I think it was because we were so numb. We definitely felt like we returned to Shoshin Tagline: The support technique of two people who understand each other. There were a lot of times when I thought about it. You know, under my breath. Then you should just say it out loud. And then I decided to try my best to support that Takamina in that role. I think so too.

A lil bit, ne? Well, once in a while. But there are many times when Atsuko has caught me. These are the moments Atsuko always catches me in… MA: But I just watch. Aww Takamina is grumpy again, all tiny. But we are both the type to prefer being left alone rather than being cheered up.

But Takamina you are always quietly watching over me. From now on, we are going to enjoy every day with everything we have!

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I wonder what is going to happen from here on? If by chance, the CD rankings were to drastically drop, I know we have the confidence to use that as a platform to try harder. Because it took so long for us to get where we are I want to keep those feelings precious, on the opposite end, I want to be prepared when we start declining.

Yeah yeah, we have to try our best too! But actually, everyday is fun. Yeah yeah, lately everyday has been very fulfilling and uber uber fun. Team A gets along really well too. An interesting relationship that surpasses even friendship. Dude, I feel like we talked a lot. But I always get this sudden feeling that we somehow just get each other. I wonder what Atsuko is to me. Kind of like a reflection?

We always know what the other is thinking. Yeah, I kind of understand that. Even if we become old ladies, I think I would probably randomly go and see you like normal.