Ana Andrejevna Ahmatova je bila znamenita ruska pesnikinja, kritičar i Pesme je objavljivala pod pseudonimom Ahmatova (tatarsko prezime. Dobro došli! Na prelepoj poeziji vas očekuje: srpski pesnici, strani pesnici, ljubavna poezija, rodoljubiva poezija, dečija poezija, misli velikana, kvizovi. Transcript of АANA AHMATOVA. AKMEIZAM je pravac Pesme piše već od godine, a prvu zbirku će štampati Pre toga, , stupa.

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Ana Ahmatova

Her father, Andrey Antonovich Gorenko, a naval engineer, and her mother, Inna Erazmovna Stogova, were both descended from the Russian nobility. This was mainly due to the secret nature ama her work after the public and critical effusion over her first volumes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Khan Akhmatmy ancestor, was killed one night in his tent by a Russian killer-for-hire. Her dacha in Komarovo was frequented by such poets as Yevgeny Rein and Joseph Brodskywhom she mentored.

It could be translated as “when at the summit”. Her close friend and fellow poet Mandelstam was deported and then sentenced to a Gulag labour camp, where he would die. Sunset in the ethereal ppesme Akhmatova’s work ranges from short lyric poems to intricately structured cycles, such as Requiem —40her tragic masterpiece about the Stalinist terror.

Song of a Hyperborean

The legend of her life and unyielding passive resistance to what she regarded as unworthy of her country and herself, transformed her into a ahmativa [ Instead, they reflect the way we actually think, the links between the images are emotional, and simple everyday objects are charged with psychological associations.

Akhmatova in portrait by Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin. She returned to visit Modigliani in Paris, where he created at least 20 paintings ahmattova her, including several nudes. No one in my large family wrote poetry. Retrieved 2 Ahmaatova Between and Akhmatova composed, worked and reworked the long poem Requiem in secret, a lyrical cycle of lamentation and witness, depicting the suffering of the common people under Soviet terror. Her early poems usually picture a man and a woman involved in the most poignant, ambiguous moment of their relationship, much imitated and later parodied by Nabokov and others.


She describes standing outside a stone prison:.

Ana Ahmatova – Wikipedia

Inthe Guild of Poets published her book of verse Evening Vecher — the first of five in nine years. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Anna Akhmatova. She was becoming a representative of both the Soviet Union and Tsarist Russia, more popular in the s than she had ever been before the revolution, this reputation only continuing to grow after her death.

In Poem Without a Herothe longest and one of the best known of her works, written many decades later, she would recall this as a blessed time of her life. Seventeen months I’ve pleaded for you to come home. The strong and clear leading female voice struck a new chord in Russian poetry. With the press still heavily controlled and censored under Nikita Khrushcheva translation by Akhmatova was praised in a public review inand her own poems began to re-appear in I thought it would be like a cleansing, like going to a convent, knowing you are going to lose your freedom.

Kunitz and Hayward p. Stalin and his Hangmen. Like Alexander Pushkin, who was her model in many ways, Akhmatova was intent on conveying worlds of meaning through precise details.

A ritual beautiful and bitter. Trans from Room to Room: Her friends died around her and others left in droves for safer havens in Europe and America, including Anrep, who escaped to England.

The Cheka secret police blamed the rebellion on Petrograd’s intellectuals, prompting the senior Cheka officer Yakov Agranov to forcibly extract the names of ‘conspirators’, from an imprisoned professor, guaranteeing them amnesty from execution. Oxford University Press Inc. Though my fingers are thin, still her thimble didn’t fit me.

ahmatoga They were moved here after the insurrection during the time of Posadnitsa Marfa. In Novgorod they had been a wealthier and more distinguished family.

InStalin approved the publication of one volume agmatova poetry, From Six Books ; however, the collection was withdrawn and pulped after only a few months. Views Read Edit View history.


She regularly read to soldiers in the military hospitals and on the front line; her later pieces seem pesmf be the voice of those whmatova had struggled and the many she had outlived.

The couple honeymooned in Paris, and there she met and befriended the Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani. Polivanov reports that her friend “could not remember her shortest poems, much less a long text”. Polivanov, who knew Akhmatova, suggests it was written in Tashkent while she was suffering from typhus, and burnt in fear in Retrieved October 23, The New York Times.

Thousands attended the two memorial ceremonies, held in Moscow and in Leningrad. Maxim Gorky and others appealed for leniency, but by the time Lenin agreed to several pardons, the condemned had been shot.

Several diamond aja and one emerald were made from her brooch. Over time, they developed the influential Acmeist anti-symbolist school, concurrent with the ppesme of Imagism in Europe and America. He sentenced dozens of the named persons to death, including Gumilev. Biblical themes such as Christ’s crucifixion and the devastation of Mary, Mother of Jesus and Mary Magdelene, reflect the ravaging of Russia, particularly witnessing the harrowing of women in the s.

Her surveillance was increased and she was expelled from the Union of Soviet Writers. This is a role she holds to this day. Many of her close friends and family were exiled, imprisoned or shot; her son was under constant threat of arrest, she was often under close surveillance.

In she was visited by Robert Frost ; Isaiah Berlin tried to visit her again, but she refused him, worried that her son might be amatova due to family association with the ideologically suspect western philosopher. Gumilev encouraged her to write and pursued her intensely, making numerous marriage proposals starting in