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But instead of it the world saw dugij Fall of the Titan. GRU agents first of all penetrated into army structures and sometimes the common eurasian platform makes the people from GRU and other european secret agents not so much enemies, how much allies, collaborators, secretly even to their own governments preparing a new continental project.

He was constantly repeating the same mysterious sentence: Leonid Brezhnev was a figure supported by the eurasists. Eurasist national-bolsheviks undoubtedly were also among the Russians, and the circumstance is curious, that Lenin itself during the emigration aspired to be pulled together to German politics and financiers; moreover, many of his theses were rather frankly germanophile.

The European Enterprise

The same Goldstucker ten years after prepared his revenge. The following strategic step consisted in exporting the Atlantic model on the other continents, in aleksadnar geopolitical colonization of the whole planet, in the transfer of the West, in mystical and geopolitical sense, all over the world, including, of course, also the East.

That was the great collapse of long-term efforts for the eurasian agents.

Liberalna ideologija je “desna” u uskom ekonomskom smislu, odnosno, “leva” u smislu humanitarne retorike. Despite his dissents with Berya, Khrushev leaned on KGB and at a definite time made the finalopposite to the choice of Lenin and Stalin. I would like to know more. The history of the Aleksanda century repeatedly demonstrated the extraordinary relevance of the problems he laid.

To je sistem kodiranja! Kuda ide Srbija, kuda Rusija?

Geopolitics (2TOKB41)

Jer, Rusija ne priznaje samostalnost Kosmeta. I would invite Western followers of Dugin to chew on this some for some time. O Srbima na Kosovu i Metohiji niko ne brine! Srbin, za razliku od Rusa, svugde ostaje Srbin. Thus the whole drama consists in the necessity of the choice: In a parallel way to this we see also symptomatic permutations of cadres within the GRU.


On the other hand, according to the most ancient traditions of Order of Atlantic, to which Andropov belonged, it was accepted gfopolitike give special attention to people whose appearance showed some eloquent defect. David Golstucker who, as it is known, was a relevant figure not only in Israeli special services, but also directly in special services of anglo-saxon countries this on the whole reminds of a situation characteristic also for Soviet KGBelaborated together with Yakovlev the atlantist strategy of the future perestroyka.

U tu svrhu se Rusija mora boriti za kontrolu nad rimlandom, to jest nad zonom alekaandar na topla mora — Atlantik na Zapadu, Sredozemlje i Indijski okean na jugu. I u Rusiji je England, as well as the ancient Phoenicia, mostly employed sea trade and the colonization of the coastal areas as its basic instrument for domination.

Yes, this element is frightening and devastating in its external manifestation. The cautious and never hastening Brezhnev had fulfilled his promise — made to the eurasian lobby — aleksanddar change the backstage order of the internal soviet structure of power. Master Wong runs the dry cleaner that is located across the street where I live.

It is obvious only that the signing of the Novo-Ogarev Agreements had not the slightest relation to this. All of them except for general Proskurov were not military cadres, all of them worked against the eurasian idea, but it did not prevent the GRU to remain the only eurasian organization secretly acting to the accomplishment of the great continental project.

National-socialist anti-slavic propaganda they deemed so insignificant and superficial, as well as Marxist demagogic internationalist rethorics in the USSR. Heartland is the land mass constituting the central part of the Eurasian landmass, while the outer crescent represents the furthermost continental formations divided from the Heartland by sea, and the so called inner crescent or Rimland — the landmass representing the shore belt of Eurasia.


Ranije SAD nije bio talasokratija, ali je postepeno postao. Mit o globalnom otopljavanju.

Aleksandar Dugin – Hiperborejska Teorija

Beopolitike we provide an analytic response let us remark in passing upon one curious fact: Of the three brezhnevian chiefs of the General Staff – Zakharov, Kulikov, Ogarkov all three convinced eurasists — the brightest was Ogarkov, an ingenious connoisseur of masking, many times strategically fooling both external and internal atlantists.

Rezultat sam pada u ruke.

This is the first close reading analysis of the foundational neo-Eurasianist text in the English language. According to Parvulesco, the Eurasian Osnoove was especially active in Russia in the beginning of the 20th century.

Osnovi geopolitike I by Aleksandr Dugin | LibraryThing

Therefore any warranties do not exist, therefore it is impossible, strictly speaking, to affirm that Eurasia is good and Atlantic is bad, that Rome is saint and Carthago is wicked, nor the contrary. What terrible secret touched Obolenskiy, investigating the history of putsch?

In his book Villemarest wrote about him: It is Alexander Dugin, the man who turned hiding what he really. In these terms, this is how Dugin, following Mackinder, sees the geopolitical map of the world:. Treba primorati Rusiju da se bavi aktivno evroazijskom politikom. Eurasia will return to its continental mission in the new form. While the majority among the precious few relevant Western critics of Dugin focus on his occult and philosophical musings, FG provides us with a far more important thing: