Some brother is passing out this horrific book against our ( Raheemullah). I need to know if there is a book in english written in. Compiled by Sayf ad-Din Ahmed Ibn Muhammad Al- Albani Unveiled An Exposition of His Errors and other important issues Compiled . Al-albaniUnveiled-AnExpositionOfHisErrorssayfAd-dinAhmedIbnMuhammad.

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Little does he know that this Hadith has been narrated by Ahmad and Bukhari from Abu Hurayra Allah be pleased with him!! Imagine what I would have found if I had traced everything he wrote? He crowns himself as an unbeatable source and even tries to imitate the great scholars by using such terms like ” Lam aqif ala sanadih “, which means “I could not find the chain of narration”, or using similar phrases!

He also accuses some of the best memorizers of Hadith for lack of attention, even though he is the one best described by that!

Hadith of Ibn Umar ‘Kisses are usury,’ I could not find the sanad. Everyone of its verses has an explicit alnani implicit meaning and every interdiction is clearly defined.

This proves that you are unskilled at using book indexes and the memorization of Hadith! Unknown, and it is to be discarded.

So, by Allah glance at this mistake! Al-Albani claimed that Abu Haatim said that this narrator was: One of the well known Shaykh’s of the “Salafiyya” – Yusuf al-Qardawi said in his book: He not only believes that the isnad of these Ahadith is authentic, but that they have not been revoked. So, he believes, the Ahadith prohibit gold rings and earrings.

Mahmood ibn Lubayd said, “Allah’s Messenger Peace and blessings be upon him was informed about a man who had divorced his wife 3 times in one sittingso he stood up angrily and said: H; Maktab al-Islami”, where he says: So beware o wise men!

He has trusted Al-Muharrar ibn Abu Hurayra in one place and then weakened him in another. He was not trusted accept by Ibn Hibban, and that’s why al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar did not trust him, Instead he only said ‘accepted! Abdallah ibn Amr Allah be pleased with him: Anas ibn Malik Allah be pleased with him said that the Prophet Peace and blessings be upon him used to say: When a people were hard on themselves, then Allah was hard on them.


He never urinated unless he was sitting. So take a glance dear reader! The corpse of a disbeliever, a man who wears ladies perfume, and one who has had unveiked until he performs ablution” Abu Dawood. And he also said on the same page, “And what made me more anxious for it, is that its checker, the respected Shaykh Habib al-Rahman al-Azami has announced.

aobani For his cowardliness and lack of scholarly deduction. So have a glance at this! So what a big contradiction! NB – Al-Albani mentioned this Hadith in ‘Sahih al-Nisai’ and in ‘Daeef al-Nisai’, which proves that he is unaware of what he has and is classifying, how inept!

Al-Albani said in “Daeef al-Nisai, pg “: So what an amazing contradiction!

al-Albani Unveiled: Important Issues of Fiqh

Al-Albani has weakened it with reference to the ‘3 days’ part in “Daeef Sunan al-Nisai, pg. So wake up al-Albani!! So what an amazement!!! Has made Ibrahim ibn Haani trustworthy in one place and has then made him unknown in another. He says on page Al-Albani has contradicted himself in other places in his books by making Hadiths containing Abdullah ibn Salih to be good, and here they are: By the grace of Allah, this is enough from the books of Shaykh Saqqaf to convince any seeker of the truth, let alone the albnai folk who have little knowledge of the science of Hadith.

Al Albani Unveiled An Exposition Of His Errorssayf Ad Din Ahmed Ibn Muhammad

If anyone is interested for hundreds of other similar quotes from Shaykh Saqqaf, then I suggest you unveled to the following address to obtain his book Tanaqadat al-Albani al-Wadihat The Clear Contradictions of al-Albani.

During the course of my own research into al-Albani’s works which unveilec been translated into English by his followers in England, I myself came across some startling errors. I was given some publications coming from his supporters in England [Jami’at Ihyaa Minhaaj al-Sunnah]; one by the title: I found some serious contradictions when I cross-referenced the above named publications; but I content myself by quoting just two of the contradictions, so that a round figure of fifty errors is achieved!

Besides these errors there are others which will be displayed in the following pages, from the one who claims to be giving us the most ‘authentic’ Sunnah through his ‘classifications of Ahadith’! The main aim in carrying out the latter exercise is for the benefit of those believers who do not and can not read the Arabic works of al-Albani for one, and secondly to give the opportunity to any doubting “Thomas”; who may or may not be one of al-Albani’s supporters at the time of reading this short exposition, to actually go along and check the references I have quoted from albbani in English.


By doing this, Insha’Allah, all doubts about the authenticity of this exposition will be alleviated and the hearts of those who doubt may become content!


Aisha Allah be pleased with her reported the Apostle of Allah Peace and blessings be upon him as saying: The wording ‘upon those on the right rows’ is Shaadh or Munkar – the correct narration being: I leave you to decide whose checking you will adopt.

Now that I have quoted you 50 mistakes of al-Albani in Hadith, I wish to delve into some rather important issues of fiqh, especially by comparing al-Albani’s declarations with the views of other authors! For the unveilee let me albahi at the outset, that most of the opinions that I will be quoting from al-Albani are sound and acceptable to one school of fiqh or another.

But if the reader may sometimes get the feeling that I have inclined too much towards one particular school, then Hnveiled have only done so to defend other sound and acceptable views which have been and are still being practised by large sections of the Ummah, indifference to the views of al-Albani and others.

To all of us, more than one view should be acceptable if a Mujtahid has used his personal reasoning to extract a ruling from the sources of the Shari’ah; since this was the attitude of the glorious Salaf as-Salihin pious predecessors of the first three generations of Islammay Allah be pleased with them all.

Al-Albani has said in ” Sharh al-Aqeedah at-Tahaweeahpg. But he clearly contradicts himself, since he has weakened Ahadith from Bukhari and Muslim himself! Now let us consider this information in the light of elaboration: The Prophet Peace and blessings be upon him said: