E-BOOKS BY: Akbar Shah Khan Najeebabadi. Collection of books and magazines on Urdu language & literature. TITLE. PUBLISHER. YEAR. Akabir-e- Qaum. More by Akbar Shah Khan Najeebabadi. The History Of Islam (Volume 2). Akbar Shah Khan Najeebabadi. History of Islam (3 Volumes). Akbar Shah Khan. Results 1 – 22 of 22 The History of Islam: Volume 2 by Akbar Shah Najeebabadi and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at.

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Purpose of this Book In this book we will try to present glimpses of the lives of a few heroes of Islam.

These two books are based on original Arabic sources and contemporary writings on early Muslim history. English, Also available as Urdu, Arabic Code: Muhammad Usama rated it it was amazing Feb 25, The series contains substantial material about the teachings of Islam with special emphasis on Jesus’ ajbar hood and the role of Muhammad and the Quran.

A detailed biography of al-Hasan ibn ‘Ali raa role najeebabsdi for youth and adults alike. Akbar Shah Najeebabadi Rating: Then some mention of the conquest of Morocco and North Africa has been given along with the details of Idrisia and Aghlabs rule there. Jul 20, Munirah rated it it was amazing. Mar 31, ctwayfarer rated it liked it. This was the time about 25 years before the partition of Indian Subcontinent into Pakistan and India. Syeda Ayesha rated it did not like it Dec 13, English Buy This Item Save: Hardcoverpages.

History of Islam (3 Volumes)

It also shows you what kind of person prohet Muhammad sws was during his life. This book is designed to meet the needs of parents, weekend schools and full time schools Terkejut dengan beberapa fakta yang menarik yang dikemukakan. Arleta rated it it was amazing Dec 21, Abou Khattab rated it it was amazing Apr nqjeebabadi, In this second volume, starting with the Caliphate of Banu Umayyah, the martyrdom of Imam Husain R and the Caliphate of the Abbasids, all areas have been covered as far as the expansion of Islam was.


For the purpose of brevity, the compiler has presented the authentic events in concise form from the famous histories of Islam written in the Arabic and Persian languages by xkbar great Muslim historians like Tabari, Ibn Athir, Mas’udi, Abul-Fida’, Ibn Khaldun and Suyuti, apart from getting benefited from the authentic books of Ahadith for the compilation of the part about the biography of the Prophet Muhammad.

Audio Sample 3 Your browser does not support the audio element. It would have also been helpful to have dramatically improved and high quality maps within the book with contributions by qualified cartographers akin to David Nicolle ‘s Historical Atlas of the Islamic World as a lot of the names of old cities and towns do not necessarily register with a modern audience and make the content much more captivating to read. Audio Sample 8 Your browser does not support the audio element.

Trivia About History of Islam At this time, this feature is available for retail customers only. Hud, Saleh, and Shuayb are supplemented with relevant ahadith and the interpretations of classical and contemporary scholars. The efforts and sacrifices of these people for the sake of Allah’s religion will show us who we are and what we really are capable of when we have strong belief in Allah.

In the first volume, starting with the introduction of the history as a subject, the country, people and conditions of Arabia prior to the advent of Islam were discussed, and an account of the life of Prophet Muhammad was presented including the hardships and opposition he faced while propagating the message of Islam, and the details of migration and the period after it until his death.

Having already read many texts on the seerah of the prophet and the khulafa rashidoon, I skimmed through most of the first volume, only stopping to read in depth about sections that i was unfamiliar with.


The History of Islam: Volume 1

Adults English Suzanne Haneef A milestone in the English literature concerning Islam, A History of the Prophets of Islam is the fruit of nearly ten years of scholarly research. Publishers Note We are presenting before you the third volume of the book History of Islam. This book presents the true Islamic events and their actual causes before the English readers because the other books in the English language found on the Islamic history have nwjeebabadi written by such authors and compilers who did no justice in presenting the true picture of Islamic Era but their prejudice prevented them from doing so.

Engrossing reading and difficult to put down. Najebabadi fiqh that evolved from his style of reasoning, carried on by his brilliant students, become associated with his name.


History of Islam (3 Volumes) by Akbar Shah Khan Najeebabadi

A great learning experience about the golden age of Islam. Now, more than ever, role models are affecting the lives of all races and classes of people around the world. Heroes of Islam Muslims have no need to look for fictitious or mythical heroes, because their history is abundant with heroes of real flesh and blood, whose acts were heroic because of their faith, and a consequence of their attitude to life and the world.

It’s great it really gives you an idea of what it was like before Islam came and how it was after. Written for readers of all faiths, this work reflects a traditional Islamic understanding of the messengers of God, and their roles in shaping human civilization.

The History of Islam: So, this compilation is actually the extract of the works of the famous Muslim historians.