1. I do not own the Squats, Warhammer 40k, warpath, Forge fathers, or any of the art shown in this codex. All rights belong to their respectful owners. EXO-ARMOR: Due to the adverse conditions in the mines of the homeworlds, the Squats developed a type of armor similar to the imperium’s Tactical. 40K Squats Codex Pdf 7,6/10 votes. Codex Warhammer 4. Wikipedia. Example early 3rd edition Codex Imperial Guard Each codex had its.

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There is no attempt as yet squars introduce anything “new” to the army list, rather the intention is to get everything across as faithfully as possible. Points costs have to change because of suats change in the gaming meta, while some statlines such as an extra attack here May not be taken together. Amongst the Squats, none are more honored than the Ancestors, who form the basis of Squat religion. The Living Ancestors are legendary for their age and boundless wisdom.

The ckdex given by the younger generations of Squats is well-earned, for they have often lived for more than years, which is unheard of for the average Squat. Living Ancestors bear knowledge of ancient grudges that they use to inspire their brethren in wartime.

Some Living Ancestors are so ancient that they have developed Psyker powers. While not as powerful as the Psyker of other races such as the Eldar, the Living Ancestors can still hold their own. As such, Living Ancestors often carry Rune Stones, which assist in their psychic abilities. When war comes to the Squat Strongholds, the Living Ancestors may be called to fight alongside the Brotherhoods and the Guilds. In these times, they take the title of “Ancestor Lord” and use their ancient wisdom to turn the tide of battle against the Squats’ hated enemies.

Some naive commanders have made the fatal mistake of underestimating the Ancestor Lord is frail and weak due to their “advanced” age, and have paid for their mistake in blood. They think tha because we’re short and squat that we’re weak!

They think that we’ll just roll over in front o’ their green tide! Squat Warlords are the commanders of a Hold’s army and the deadliest fighters an enemy 40o find. Possessed of great fighting skills, decades of experience, incredible courage and cunning, Warlords lead their lads through the most grueling of battles.

Always being where the battle is the most intense and leading from the very forefront as frontline commanders, the reputation of Squat Warlords and the squas of enemy skulls they collect can impress even Space Marine Chapter Masters or any other powerful warrior from any faction in the known galaxy. Sometimes a Warlord will outright refuse to back down if the odds prove to be suats him and his lads due to sheer stubbornness.

Yet even then the aforementioned stubbornness proved to be a contributing factor in turning what many would normally see as imminent defeat into victory. In battle, Squat Warlords use the many weapons and wargear they have access to.

It is not uncommon for the Warlords to sport more exotic tech or be clad in a suit of Exo-Armour while leading similarly clad stone kin where the fight is fiercest. Now onward, my brothers! For the League of Norgyr! Although not as lethal as Warlords, Thanes are tough and hardy military leaders that usually lead a single or more detachments of warriors. For every Warlord of a Squat Hold, there are dozens of Thanes that answer to him directly.

Thanes are not only leaders, but also standard bearers. Usually mounting said banners on the back of their armors so to have both arms free to wield their weapons, the presence of a Thane boosts the resolve of the Squats around him and will never let the banner he possesses to fall.

Thanes that proved to be particularly strong in both mind and body, to be exceptionally cunning and courageous, may have a chance to become the next Cpdex. The Coils wrap around the gun like this! How did the Mechanicus survive this long with idiots like you? Squats since times ancient, back to codwx times of their human ancestors, had access to many coedx achievements of the Dark Age of Technology while most of it was lost during the turbulent times of the Age of Strife.

Despite this, they never stopped improving on existing technological pieces nor stopped with innovating and creating new techno-marvels. These tasks, along with making sure that every machine in a Hold works well, is the job of the Engineer Guilds. Guild Engineers are the driving force behind the advancements of Squat technology.

Most of the time they sit in the guild’s vast factoria or laboratories constructing new armaments, tinkering with existing pieces, trying out something new or creating new tech from the very base.


Unhindered by the likes of the Adeptus Mechanicus, Guild Engineers are free to cofex passionately new heights as long as they will not cross lines that should not be crossed no matter how tempting it would be. There are however times when Guild Engineers need to leave their Holds for various reasons, from joining expeditionary forces to reclaim lost technology or abandoned Holds, to aiding Squat armies with their code and knowledge.

In the mists of battle, Guild Engineers will repair damaged machines and use their skills to analyze and counter enemy armor. Commonly seen wielding exotic weapons and usually wearing Iridium or Exo-Armour, these technomancers are always valued by allies squat have their enemies be wary of them.

An old and powerful Squat, Overlord Hreid is an extremely influential leader of the Squats. The influence of Hreid has an incredible reach. It encompasses nearly every Squat world, but in his League he’s considered as first among equals in the eyes of other Warlords and Thanes. Even the Living Ancestors see him as someone who is deemed worth to follow. Coming from League Norgyr, he and his ancestors were the ones who strongly advocated for alliances and integration with the Imperium of Man while still being independent and continues ssquats to this day, yet they all also were, and are to this day determined to forge the Squats as a more unified force in order to make them better survive the galaxy that is ravaged by wars.

Even when compared to his ancestors, he is one to be the most active in his bloodline to unify the Squats, yet because of the conflicts both minor and major and differences between Leagues, not to mention looking over the welfare of the planets of his own League, this task seems to be a daunting one. With the appearance of Tyranids, the situation became grim as Squat worlds were devoured one by one, some being of great historical importance.

Hreid knows well the history of how the Great Devourer ravaged the Squats. His own grandfather and father perished in battle against the monstrosities of Behemoth’s tendrils but not before managing to slay hundreds of them and dozens of monstrous creatures when they answered the call to arms. With the appearances of Kraken and Leviathan, the codwx Squat grew more determined to unite his kin and and seeing the Tyranids committing the Ultimate Grudge against Squatkind, for there exist no curse neither in the Squat language, in Gothic, or in any of the languages of xenos to describe how unforgivable it is what the swarm did.

In battle, no matter if it is on foot or inside his unique suit of exo-armour, Hreid is a force of nature. Carrying his ancestral war axe Surtr along with the ancient Plasma Blaster Foe Blaster and the Golden Ring of Wards, the Overlord of Norgyr is a monster of codrx fighter, but also a skilled and charismatic commander who leads with courage and honour, as well as wisdom and determination.

The most famous battles he took part in were the Scouring of Forseti where along with a Great Company of Space Wolves managed to defeat the Orks that occupied the ancient Squat world, the Gangalma Incident where he and his throng aided the Mordian Iron Guard in defeating a Chaos incursion, and finally the Inarian Crusade where his Squats managed to stop a tendril of Leviathan and culminating in him slaying a Tyranid Dominatrix which is no mere feat even for a Squat.

With the darkness engulfing more and more the galaxy, the Overlord of Norgyr dispatched one of his eldest son Lyngheidr to aid the forces that engaged the 13th Black Crusade, while he himself endeavored to hunt down the Tyranids that are plaguing the areas around Squat and Imperial worlds.

If there are unsettled grudges, then Heidr will make sure they are settled, for he never leaves anything unsettled. Overlord Hreid has the Grudge Bearer warlord trait and may roll an additional Warlord Trait on any table.

Squats are known to live much longer than the average human. Then some of these Squats tend to outlive others of their kin, thus becoming Living Ancestors who are centuries old. But among the latter group, there xodex one who is particularly old.

Ancient Gandr is one such Living Ancestor, and he is indeed a living piece of history. Even other Living Ancestors from the other Leagues don’t remember a time where he wasn’t around. Nobody knows how it is possible for a Squat like him to go above a whole millennium and more. Yet if there is anything the Squats know, then there is the fact that Gandr is someone to whom everyone from all different Leagues come for advice in the most difficult of situations.

Gandr 04k many secrets and served many Warlords and Thanes as a advisor. However, the grumpy Squat will not advise any Warlord or Thane unless they prove themselves before him. These vary, yet every task he gives is challenging.


Gandr’s story is shrouded in myth, as after a turbulent period in the story of his home hold on planet Torq, nobody except for the Ancient knows his past. All he can tell that he was once a Heartguard, and that he had a family he lost in a tragic incident that he does not want to talk about. It is also rumored that back then he was a more optimistic fellow and that the loss of everything he held dear turned him into a walking mountain of grumblings.

When battle begins, Gandr will turn into a psychic storm. Combined with his knowledge and centuries of hard won experience, every enemy was either routed or utterly annihilated. Crackling from head to toe with warp energies, the Ancient will crush daemon engines with thought alone, grind infantry to paste and detonating enemy psykers and daemons who clearly love to underestimate him. He in fact likes to collect everything from his encounters with enemy psykers, which are usually bits or charms taken from their armours.

Even Eldar Farseers that fought the Squats joined by the Living Ancestor barely escaped with their lives since they did not count that he would be this powerful. Some Farseers were not this lucky and were slain by Gandr for their hubris, while their soulstones taken by him as trophies to further insult them.

Needles to say, Eldar hate him for this and will do everything to get the soulstones from him. Daemons who survive an encounter with Gandr quickly learn that the next time they go up against the Squats of Grindel they will do so as long as the Living Ancestor is not around.

Currently the Squat, though he really dislikes it, is working with the Inquisition in order to aid the Imperials in the fight against the 13th Black Crusade of the Despoiler. His wisdom on many of the enemies of the Imperium, and more importantly on Chaos, is what may turn the tide in favor of the Imperials. You see the problem, right here, all you need to do is connect the Ampage repeater to the coil escapism and, voila!

We’ve got both a hypersonic electromagnetic thermal capacitor ballistc weapon, and a toaster. Does any anybody have butter rations, I’m hungry. Squats are well known for their technology and wisdom when it comes to artifacts of the Dark Age of Technology. Unlike the Techpriests of Mars, Squats invent, create, and even innovate. Yet there are moments when there are lines that should not be crossed or cannot be crossed due to limitations.

Brokk however aims for crossing the latter luckily. A Master Engineer of League Kapellar and peerless pioneer of new inventions, Brokk is most of the time seen both as a example of how a Squat should be, yet as well one where a Squat should NOT.

Some call him a genius.

Squat (Warhammer 40,000)

Some call him a madman. Others that he is downright random at times, and there are even those that call him all these things together. In the Imperium, the Adeptus Mechanicus would have cried heretek over the mad experimentations Brokk is doing, while even Squats think he sometimes overdoes some of those. Even then the Thanes and Warlords will tolerate him if it means that he can produce something that would benefit the hold.

Codex – Squats – 1d4chan

Brokk constructed many insane vehicles and pieces of technology. Some, after further field-testing, were put into production, but most are so unstable that only the most courageous if not codexx Squats would go and use them at all. The Master Engineer does not see anything wrong with those and simply thinks that other Squats have no idea how to use them properly.

Other Squats will point otherwise however When the Tyranids arrived and started to feast on Squat holds, it was Brokk who pioneered many anti-Tyranid weapons against hordes of swarming Gaunts and Rippers, as well squays the largest and deadliest of monstrous creatures the xenos spawned during the later Tyrranic Wars. A survivor of one of the incident involving a stray tendril of the remnant of Hive Fleet Behemoth squts a weapon test on Kyrin V where emissaries from both other Leagues and the Imperium came to observe, Brokk, back then still a disciple in the Engineering Guild, saw first-hand the feeding-spree the Ssuats where capable of.

Although the planet was saved from being devoured with the help of the nearby Squat fleet and a Crusade Fleet of Black Templars, Brokk was downright horrified and enraged at the wanton destruction the Swarm left, not to mention loosing his old master and many of his peers.