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(3GPP TS version Release 12). TECHNICAL The cross reference between GSM, UMTS, 3GPP and ETSI identities can be found under. Descriptor and Table of Contents (1 of 40) for 3GPP TS – General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) enhancements for Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio. 3GPP TS Numbering, Addressing and Identification 3GPP CT WG4 access 3GPP SA WG2 3GPP TS.

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UEs that camp normally on a cell may also use the emergency attach procedure under conditions specified in TS It is assumed that the mechanisms described in this entire clause are designed by Stage 3 in a manner that allows extensibility and forward compatibility. The last received value of the throttling factor and throttling delay supersedes any previous values received from that MME.

For emergency bearer services any EPC functions, procedures and capabilities are provided according to clause 4 except when specified differently in the following sections. Update with approved CRs at T It is the responsibility of the HSS operator to ensure that the RN subscription includes an APN configuration that ensures that the RN subscription cannot be used for other purposes, e.

If either of the above procedures for GW relocation are initiated while the UE has active applications, it may cause disruption of services that are affected if the IP address changes. Stage 2 Security Architecture.

The contents of the present document are subject to continuing work within the TSG and may change following formal TSG approval. According to clause 4.

In the case of a network failure, this reduces the message processing load on a local competing network and hence makes that network more likely to survive the failure of the other network.


SA2 system aspects of vocoder rate adaptation for LTE. If the Service User is not authorized to use on-demand priority request, the Service User receives priority treatment i. As normal signalling from large numbers of UEs may cause overload independently whether the UE is used for MTC or not, generic functionality for overload and congestion control is required.

Particularly, the low access priority indicator in EPS Bearer contexts is not used by the network to make overload control decisions. If authentication fails, the UE is granted access and the unauthenticated IMSI retained in the network for recording 3vpp. The Mobility Restriction functionality is provided by the UE, the radio access network and the core network. All UEs are allowed. After any such Detach procedure, the back-off timer continues to run.

www.3gpp.org – /ftp/specs/archive/23_series/23.401/

Roaming architecture for 3GPP accesses. The serving PLMN provides this indication 3g;p e. Local breakout 3glp be combined with support for multiple simultaneous PDN connections, described in clause 5. Routing is the process of determining and using, in accordance with a set of rules, the route 3bpp transmission of a message within and between the PLMN s. When an MPS session is requested by a Service User, the following bearer management principles apply in the network: No records to display.

Radio Resource Management Functions. MPS supports priority sessions on an “end-to-end” priority basis. MME Pool Areas may overlap each other. Packet data network may be an operator external public or private packet data network or an intra operator packet data network, e. The low access priority indicator in NAS signalling and the corresponding low access priority for RRC connection establishment are only used by 3pgp network to decide whether to accept the NAS request or the setup of the RRC connection respectively.


References are either specific identified by date of publication, edition number, version number, etc.

– /ftp/specs/archive/23_series//

Evolution of Policy Control and Charging. The MME does not treat certificate-based and preshared key-based solution differently. Following the failure of a more preferred PLMN, UEs configured as above might change to other local competing networks.

The above functionality is to diminish the performance advantage for UEs that do not support the NAS 3gppp back-off timer e. The selection is based on network topology, i. Spec Type Title Status Prime grp. Four different behaviours of emergency bearer support have been identified as follows: When the UE receives a handover command, the UE shall proceed with the handover procedure regardless of whether Mobility Management back-off timer is running.

Roaming architecture for local breakout, with home operator’s application functions only NOTE 2: Impact to core network 3gp from the introduction of RNs and DeNB is minimized by reusing the existing nodes and protocols when interacting with the core network.

Each route consists of the originating node, zero or more relay nodes and the destination node. RRC connection re -config. The protocol option i.