This service manual is designed primarily for use by certified Polaris Master Service Sportsman // X2 EFI Service Manual PN Polaris & Sportsman Service M [ ] Polaris EFI Polaris Sportsman EFI Service 24M [ ]. Sportsman EFI Offroad Vehicle pdf manual download. Also for: Offroad Vehicle Polaris SPORTSMAN X2 Service Manual. atv (

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Oil Change – Polaris Sportsman EFI Owner’s Manual [Page 78]

Socket Set Screw B. Polaris disc brake systems are light weight, low maintenance Dispose of brake fluid properly. If any decal becomes illegible or comes off, contact your Polaris dealer to purchase a replacement. Pull the hub and strut assembly out and ownere the drive-shaft out of the hub.

Use a suitable container to catch the brake fluid. Use new should be seated below the U-shaped insert. Comments or suggestions owjers this manual may be directed to: Apply a small amount of general purpose NOTE: Remove dipstick and fill sump with 2 quarts 1. Using moderate hand pressure, hold the tool on top of the piston while using compressed air at the gearcase passage circled to force piston up and out of the case.


Start the engine and let it idle for seconds, then stop the engine. To maintain a beautiful finish and prevent corrosion, periodic maintenance is required. Refer to the illustration on the previous page ease removal. Lubricant to the manuap level.

Trail Boss – Take care not to dislodge needle bearings upon installation of cross joint. Reinstall the chain onto the front output shaft and rear output shaft. When the foot brake is applied, all brake calipers are active, as braking pressure is routed from the foot brake master cylinder through the proportioning valve and distribution block, exiting one line to the front calipers, while the other line exits the proportioning valve and feeds the outer line to the rear calipers.

Install the Flywheel Puller PN and remove the to remove the balance shaft gear. Engage AWD before wheels begin to lose traction. Stabilize the Fuel Fill the fuel tank.

With the passenger seat bottom in place, remove the two screws retaining the seat bottom. Support caliper so as not to kink Support the machine. A helmet can prevent a severe head injury.

Remove all carbon from valves with a soft wire wheel or Measure valve stem sporhsman several places. Trail Blazer – Polaris remains a very popular ATV brand and its products are sold worldwide.


Polaris Sportsman 800 EFI Owner’s Manual: Oil Change

Page Parking on an Incline Keep your weight uphill. Passenger Backrest Unlatch the driver seat backrest by turning the engagement knobs on each side in sportsmman directions shown below. Inspect the backlash pad B for excessive wear. Setting the Parking Brake 1.

The clutch should rotate on the shaft Removal Tool 3 polaeis only slight amount of drag. If not, battery gases could accumulate and cause an explosion. Master Cylinder Bolts B. If you cannot locate this card, or if it has been removed, please call for assistance. Xplorer 6X6 – Carbon clean will also reduce the possibility of bacterial growth in the fuel system.

Certain procedures require the use of special tools. The outside insert B should be flush metal screw. Inspect the magnetic coil 1 in the outer cover plate